Why should your company use Qymatix Analytical Services?

B2B Predictive Sales Analytics Expertise

Identify quick-wins, cross-selling opportunities and focus on the KPIs with the higher impact on earnings.

Learn how to analyze and prevent the churning of your B2B customers.

Create competitive advantages through higher sales effectiveness.

Get an accurate diagnosis of the quality of your sales data for the implementation of predictive analytics.

Spot sales opportunities and threats well in advance.
Outsource sales analytics and controlling needs.
Learn more about your customers and sales data as it was possible before.

Get a deeper insight into your sales data with Qymatix Analytical services

Sales data has no value if it is not used to increase customer lifetime value. Successful companies discover hidden cross-selling opportunities, pricing inconsistencies and churn risk with the help of predictive sales analytics.

With Qymatix Analytical Services, we put our Software and Expertise to work for you. In around four days, we will present you the most relevant predictive analytics models and methods for your specific sales challenge. We will diagnose the quality of your sales data and offer you valuable insights to steer your sales efforts in the direction of higher ROI.

We analyse together your existing sales data and data gathering processes. We work with you to interpret the results and make suggestions for corrective actions.

What is B2B advanced sales data analysis?

Sales analytics plays an increasingly important role in B2B organizations and help guide better decisions.

Advanced sales data analysis is the combination of classical sales analytics methods for top-line and margin growth together with predictive sales analytics methodologies.

The application of predictive sales methodologies helps a company to understand their customer and sales structures better and to increase lifetime value.

What is Insights-as-a-service?

Instead of having to subscribe to our sales analytics software, we will present you the main results, conclusions and suggestions.

This analytical service frees your internal resources, requires no in-house data analysts, and ensures that you gain valuable insight from your sales data.

With the information we will provide you in the Feedback workshop, you will be able to assess the best possible strategy for your company.

How does the analytical service work?

There are four working-packages covered by our service.

We start with kick-off workshop, where together with your higher sales management we aim to understand the sales data you have available and your specific analytical challenges. We perform this workshop typically on your premises.

In this first workshop, we evaluate your expectations and objectives. Your sales leaders, sales controller, and senior management might participate. We use a combination of questionnaires, practical examples, and discussion to understand better your particular challenge and what insights you need.


After we met, we dedicate around one week to analyse your sales data and to test it using our predictive analytics models. We also assess the quality of your data regarding the goals and expectations we discussed in the kick-off workshop.

In parallel, we will assess the ROI you can expect from the application of predictive sales analytics.

Finally, we revisit you and present you our results in a Feedback workshop. During this half a day workshop you will be able to ask as any questions about our predictive analytic models and the effects we will show you. We are also happy to discuss possible steps together.

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What type of data can Qymatix analyze?

The best data to analyse is the sales data you already have. We start our project assessing your relevant customer’s records and transactions, ERP and CRM data. We can easily take into account relevant third-party data.

Part of the value you get from our Analytical Services is the assessment of your current sales data.

Write us a message if you are not sure what kind of data you will need.

How does the result of an analytical service look like?

Our goal is to help you improve your sales processes and operational sales efficiency. To achieve this, we will provide you with a set of results and help you with their interpretation.

In a half-a-day feedback workshop, we will present you the most relevant information we gained from your data, together with an assessment of your data quality and specific advice on sales controlling and strategy. Also, you benefit from best-practice examples and receive recommendations from our expert team.

We are happy to share with you anonymised examples of past projects.

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Advanced Sales Analytics

Understanding and analysing sales data is crucial to the success of any B2B organization, particularly those focused on sales growth and customer lifetime value.

Output Sales Indicators, also known as lagging indicators, measure the results of sales activities and show how sales have evolved in the past. Input Sales KPI are leading indicators.

Advanced Sales KPI include relationships between output and input sales KPIs. With our sales analysis tool, we will show you how your total sales and margins are distributed across your customer base.

Advanced Sales Analytics makes the relationships visible and show you where your current success comes from.





We will use our churn prevention software and attrition models to perform churn analytics using your ERP and CRM data.

We can point you to the customers with the higher risk of churning. This situation could be either the result of switching to a competitor or simply slowly becoming inactive.

You can also understand what are the characteristics of customers with a high risk of churning and what kind of actions your sales team can undertake.



Never underestimate the importance of pricing. By far, the most effective lever for earnings improvement is strength in the development and implementation of pricing strategies.

With our analytical services, you can understand the position of each customer within your pricing strategies. Besides, we can present you with a detailed pricing corridor for each product.

We will help you to understand problematic pricing situations. With the help of our pricing analysis, you will be able to act immediately. Modify identifiable weaknesses with targeted adjustments in your price strategy.



Cross-selling is the practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Predictive sales analytics uses a collection of data mining methods to describe and predict the likelihood of future cross-selling.

During the workshops, we will introduce you to different concepts of market basket analysis using data mining algorithms. Also, using Qymatix Software, we will present you with a detailed market basket analysis with your ERP sales data.

With this calculation, your sales manager can create targeted offers of specific products that have a better chance of being accepted by defined customers.

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