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Predictive Analytics – Interview with Lucas Pedretti originally published this interview on 29. August 2017 – by Ute Mündlein.

How would it be if you knew which regular customers might churn before they stop buying? Or to anticipate the leads and request that will convert into a real business? Predictive Analytics provides the answer to these questions.



How to Find Sales Superstars

Good sales people do not grow on trees. Sales managers and HR departments know this all too well. In this reading, you will get valuable tips to considerably improve your recruiting as well as the onboarding sales process.



Sales Coaching Tips in Digital Times – 10 Questions to Ms. Luba Heinze

Dear Ms. Heinze, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, my name is Luba Heinze. I work Europe-wide as a consultant for a discounter and supervise projects of Digital Leadership in sales. At the same time, I am a certified coach, working for entrepreneurs with immigration background.

This two-track career allows me to apply my coaching skills while consulting in sales. Some of the challenges of a major retail company are not much different from those of a small business: how do I motivate myself and my sales team? What digital tools do I have and how can I use more efficiently? How do I effectively communicate with my sales team and my customers through digital channels?

New Year – New Job! With the power of Artificial Intelligence

Every year comes with new goals. If your goal in 2019 is to find a new job, Santa Claus brought you a gift: Predictive Jobs Analytics.

As an end-of-the-year campaign, this predictive analytics example helps professionals looking for a job to find one faster. It uses artificial intelligence and makes it easier for business networks’ users to:

GründerGrillen Karlsruhe Qymatix

Qymatix celebrated 2 years hosting GründerGrillen Karlsruhe


With the support of the Technologie Fabrik and the Center for Innovation und Entrepreneurship of the KIT, Qymatix Solutions GmbH celebrated its second anniversary co-hosting the Karlsruhe Founders Grill.

Karlsruhe, 22.10.2015. Qymatix celebrated last week its second anniversary, together with partners, customers, and friends. In this way, Qymatix Solutions GmbH has closed a fantastic second year.

Attendees to the Karlsruhe Founders Grill enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere a nice evening with several entrepreneurship presentations. In addition, the Qymatix team was pleased to see more than 200 people that showed up in a special tent prepared by our co-host, the Technologie Fabrik.

Ahead of the event, the Center for Innovation und Entrepreneurship of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology organized an entrepreneur talk with Prof. Götz W. Werner, founder and supervisory board of DM.

Karlsruhe is developing a thriving start-up scene and after two years, Qymatix is a good representative of it.

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    Alexander Fauck from Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe