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10 interesting Facts & Statistics About Sales in B2B

Sales in Business-to-Business is quickly changing. Sales managers will not disappear, but many are struggling to adapt. Technology is making gains in sales controlling. Buyers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. By 2018, customers will place half of their B2B purchases online.

„There are 68 % more sales people per manager.“

Why your ERP System is useless without artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will radically change the way B2B sales are done. Doing nothing about it is definitely not an option. AI and ML are shifting the ERP software landscape and are transforming the way sales are performed. However, when it comes to B2B, we can conclude that the artificial sales manager is still a few years away.

“The data-mining capabilities of even the most advanced self-learning artificial intelligence system lacks the human genius for inspiration, innovation, and personal interaction.”

Are you a sales manager with Big Data? Here three Predictive Analytics examples for B2B

With predictive analytics, big data becomes a big opportunity for B2B sales managers. This big opportunity requires, however, a profound understanding of the sales situation, coupled with an understanding of big data mining models available.

„An ARIMA algorithm mixed with CRM data can improve sales forecasting based on customer behaviour.“


CRM Analytics – The Qymatix most effective three tips for B2B sales

Sales Analytics is changing the way sales teams work in B2B. Both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems offer pro and cons for sales analytics. Some teams are already using machine learning for Predictive Sales Analytics from their ERP data; most are just implementing analytic in their CRM.

„For CRM Analytics to be successful implementing within B2B sales, there are three key points to follow. First, focus. Sales leaders should use as many KPIs as needed, as few as possible. Second, analytics should be presented in sales terms, not in technical ones. Finally, not every sales situation requires the same approach and the same sales KPIs.“

15 questions you must be able to answer as a sales manager without hesitating

Sales Management in B2B is an ever-evolving discipline. The job has been rapidly changing over the past decade, and there is no stop in sight. New technologies emerge, Millennials hit the workspace and markets get disrupted.

„B2B sales management is in continuous change. Artificial intelligence is making inroads in the sales profession. Millennials are populating the workspace and markets are being disrupted. However, beware of overloading your sales teams with unhelpful processes, tools or KPIs. Instead, get the most critical questions right and find the best answer to them.“

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