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Predictive Analytics Interview with Dr. Olivier Riviere

Dr. Riviere, we already know each other. But could you please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am a passionate European – with a French passport – who has lived in Munich for the last 20 years. After completing my Ph.D. in material science, I went on to work for technology-orientated companies in the area of marketing, communication, and sales. Since 2009, I have been working as a consultant with a focus on sales excellence, key account management, marketing and solution selling. In the last 3 years, I had assignments in over 15 different countries.
Dr. Riviere, you focus heavily on KAM training. Why do you think KAM training is important for B2B companies?



Agile selling in B2B


Nowadays, Small and Medium Enterprises in B2B need to improve their returns on sales investments. They need to capitalize on emerging trends and predictive sales analytics to create a more dynamic sales fitness that will grow revenue faster. In addition, they need to renovate their traditional sales approach to meet the needs of an always-connected customer who expects to be sold to in completely different ways. In short, they need to adopt an agile selling approach. At its core, agile selling is about:

• Modeling the sales experience to continuously predict customer behavior

• Streamlining the buying process by using predictive analytics to gain customer insights

• Strategically aligning working sales spend with an intense focus on ROI to power profitable growth

• Investing in price strategy adoption and deal level governance

The case for agile selling has never been stronger. Last years’ research and experience have shown that an agile selling approach can be a primary source sustainable growth. It can also produce significant improvements in sales force performance. However, most companies have not adopted agile selling principles that are now required. In some cases, the lack of action is due to Sales Managers refusal to let go of the traditional selling approaches they have developed over the years.

In other cases, sales managers have not materialized the value of agile selling because they simply ignore where to invest.

Successful predictive analytics rollouts suggest that tremendous opportunities exist for those companies willing to throw out their old playbook in favor of new sales paradigms.

Big Data

Qymatix benefiting from Software AG Startup Program


Karlsruhe, 11. Mai 2015 –


Qymatix Solutions GmbH is since May part of the Software AG Startup Program. Under this partnership, Qymatix gets free access to Software AG’S Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Business Process Management products. In addition, Software AG advises Qymatix in growth strategy, sales network, and technology development.