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The New-Normal in B2B Sales

New Year – New Normal? What has changed in B2B sales due to the Corona crisis, and what should you know about it? Learn the four most essential insights from the crisis year here.

The year 2020 was a turbulent year with many ups and downs that will go down in history and produced one thing above all: Change. A “new normal” (also: next-normal) was predicted early last year for the post-crisis period.

The findings from the first quarter of 2021 show that, of course, not everything in the company is different than it was before the Corona pandemic. However, new ways of working and thinking have developed over the past year. And they are changing many things, including B2B sales – for the better.


Predictive Analytics: Three incredible future examples you should know about

Predictive Analytics: Three incredible future examples you should know about

Three Possible future scenarios in unexpected application areas of Predictive Analytics.

Let’s explain the function of Predictive Analytics (PA) in simple terms: A software uses algorithms to analyze existing data and calculate probabilities of future events.

Due to big data and advances in technology, predictive analytics is becoming increasingly accurate and can predict events with an astonishing hit rate.


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Why Algorithms Are The Future Of Sales Success

We put our lives in the hands of autopilots regularly. When are we trusting AI with our customer relationships?

Lawrence Sperry was the third son of Elmer Sperry, one of America’s most prolific inventors. Elmer filed 400 individual patents, more than twice the amount of Thomas Alva Edison. Father and son together not only invented together, but they also manufactured and sold their inventions through their companies too.

Lawrence invented the autopilot. He took one of his father’s most famous inventions, the gyrocompass, and developed an automatic flight control system.