Predictive Analytics


The top 5 ERP data mining techniques your B2B sales team urgently need to sell more


Pythia, priestess of Apollo at Delphi, commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, was one of the most important oracles of Greek antiquity. In classical Greece, an oracle was a person considered to provide insightful advice or prophetic predictions, inspired by the gods. It was, of course, a form of divination.



Cloud ERP applications are transforming sales in B2B


The time is now. The shift to the cloud in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market is well underway.

This is bringing unfair competitive advantages. Per Gartner, cloud-first strategies are the foundation for staying competitive in a fast-paced world. This brings, of course, huge implications for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales.



10 interesting Facts & Statistics About Sales in B2B


Sales in Business-to-Business is quickly changing. Sales managers will not disappear, but many are struggling to adapt. Technology is making gains in sales controlling. Buyers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. It is estimated, that by 2018, half of all B2B purchases may be made online.

How did we get here? Let’s review together some interesting facts and statistics about sales in B2B.



Sales Coaching Tips in Digital Times – 10 Questions to Ms. Luba Heinze

Dear Ms. Heinze, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, my name is Luba Heinze. I work Europe-wide as a consultant for a discounter and supervise projects of Digital Leadership in sales. At the same time, I am a certified coach, working for entrepreneurs with immigration background.

This two-track career allows me to apply my coaching skills while consulting in sales. Some of the challenges of a major retail company are not much different from those of a small business: how do I motivate myself and my sales team? What digital tools do I have and how can I use more efficiently? How do I effectively communicate with my sales team and my customers through digital channels?


Predictive analytics will make B2B sales revolutionary – One example


The ability to make predictions about the future will radically change sales in business-to-business (B2B). Here we show how this will happen with an application of predictive sales analytics for Key Account Management (KAM).


In this example, we illustrate why predictive analytics has the power to start a revolution in B2B sales. Predictive analytics is already changing how customers, leads and even KAMs are found. It increases revenues in stagnated markets. It brings double digits ROIs when investments are drying up.