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Sales Reporting Software: a critical tool for efficient sales management and control in B2B.

Reporting sales has become a fact-of-life for B2B sales managers. Selecting a sales reporting software can make or break any sales operations. Companies can no longer underestimate its importance.

The sales reporting should include the most critical key performance indicators (KPI) of the sales force. You should reduce the number of KPI to the minimum possible.



Qymatix expands its Predictive Software with Pricing Analytics Features.


How can you deploy your winning pricing strategy without a great pricing software?

Karlsruhe, 17.04.2018. Qymatix Solutions GmbH is helping since 2013 B2B companies to become more efficient using predictive sales analytics.

Successful sales executives recognise that, by far, the most effective lever for earnings improvement is strength in pricing strategies.

However, a transparent pricing policy and an optimal pricing strategy are expensive to analyse and enforce in Business-to-Business.

Sales teams lack the tools and software in the day-to-day business to implement pricing policy among their customers efficiently.



Sales 4.0: Sales is dead! Long live to sales!


Some developments in sales during the last years require rethinking processes. This rethinking process is needed because classic sales, as we know and care for, are now condemned to extinction. The slowly dying of the old sales paradigm has consequences for the entire company.


Rethinking process 1: all company structures are customer-centric now


Vertriebscontrolling ohne excell

Why it is an awful idea to use Excel for sales reporting and what you can do about it


Sales reporting is the foundation of successful sales and operations planning, controlling and analysis. It covers the process of selecting, analysing and sharing the most relevant KPIs across a sales team and a B2B organisation.

Successful companies know that sales reporting and controlling are only a means to an end. They serve to analyse, prioritise, communicate and ultimately bring teams together.


How To Accelerate B2B Sales Growth With One Proven Strategy

In business, what doesn’t grow, stagnate. Revenue stagnation is a nightmare most managers are scared to dream. If a market is growing in line with the economy and income stagnates, then market share is approximately contracting, and a company is becoming irrelevant. No manager wants that.