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The Top 7 Mental Notes Sales Managers Are Making Today

What sales managers are thinking about their jobs today but would never say.

The sales management profession is rapidly changing. A few years ago, a good manager was, well, a manager. Nowadays she must be a coach, a mentor, and a data analyst, among many other roles.

In today’s fast-paced B2B sales world an accomplished leader should make her team work cooperatively together. Only working together, they can successfully create value for their customers.


Preiskorridor mir Excell

Pricing Analysis in Excel: Make A Price Corridor in Three Simple Steps

This article describes a step-by-step introduction to price corridor analysis with Excel.

You will learn the meaning of a price corridor and how to create a price corridor from a list of sales transactions in your ERP system.

Let us disclosure that our software uses AI-based data mining methods to present a B2B pricing strategy to Key Account Managers. Based on these data mining algorithms and techniques, we would like to discuss how any sales representative can create a price corridor for predictive analysis using Excel.



Why KPI’s Are Important to Your Sales Growth

Business success is usually measured in Key Performance Indicators (KPI): quantifiable evidence used to determine how well the sales goals are being met or will be met in the future.

Selecting the right set of key performance indicators is critical to the success of any sales organisation, in particular, those organisations aiming at future sales growth.

However, two main risks arise in the assessment of how well a B2B sales team is performing. First, B2B sales organisations tend to risk overloading their teams with too many KPIs, dashboards, and non-actionable data. Measuring an excess of performance indicators reduces the impact of each KPI, leads to confusion and lack of focus.


Alle Preise im #B2B sind dynamisch. Einige sind einfach dynamischer als andere. #vertriebscontrolling #vertriebsplanung #customeranalytics #businessanalytics #bi #predictiveanalytics #pricingoptimization #pricingstrategy

B2B Dynamic Pricing – What is it and how can you implement it in your company using software.

All prices in Business-to-Business are dynamic. Some are just more dynamic than others.

Successful companies in B2B tend to adjust their prices based on factors such as production costs, competitor pricing, supply and demand. Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy in which businesses adjust their prices for products or services based on current market situations.

Practitioners in B2B also refer to dynamic pricing as surge pricing, demand pricing, or time-based pricing. It relies on advanced B2B pricing analytics.



5 Deadly Sentences A Sales Manager Should Never Pronounce

How to pronounce “analytics” in sales and keep your job.

Almost all sales managers hold a wisdom about their business. However, there are – at least – five fatal sentences an excellent Sales Manager should never say.

Your customers are changing. Is your sales team ready for the future? Are they prepared for a digital transformation? In this article, we would like to discuss five common misperceptions that, if unchecked, will cost you your sales management job.