What Qymatix can offer a partner

Qymatix is a SaaS solution that enables sales managers to achieve a much higher business success. Qymatix offers sales consultants and business intelligence advisors a transparent representation arrangement and a very powerful sales analytics tool. We also provide you training sessions and webinars to help you stay on top of your sales game.

Earn commission on the lifetime value of your affiliate Qymatix users. Charge new customers for your services when advising and when onboarding them.

You will save time and money

How many hours a week do you spend forecasting, planning and advising your customers on their sales strategies? Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics that can be implemented in a few minutes, enabling better decision-making and revenue growth.

Qymatix offers you several powerful nonlinear forecasting functions, based on your ERP and CRM Sales Data. If you need it, we can integrate external sources of data automatically.

Your customers will sell more

Help your customer to put the focus on your most promising sales activities and projects. Help their sales team to develop a winning pricing strategy within their existing B2B customers. Boost productivity for your existing customers with Predictive Sales Analytics. Expand your service offering and bring the B2B sales process of your clients to a new level.

What Qymatix expects from a partner

You have an excellent reputation in the field of B2B sales and would like to represent Qymatix in your market. You want to understand your customers and work with Qymatix to make them happy. You help them and Qymatix to improve every day and stretch ourselves.

With Qymatix SaaS, resellers should deliver value-added services, such as implementation, data migration, training, and on-going customer support.

You represent Qymatix Sales Analytics in your Market

According to Gartner, 50 % of Small and Medium organisations are using business intelligence solutions. Your clients need to start using one today. Bring Qymatix to them and help them understand their sales data. With Qymatix sales analytics, your clients do not need a data analyst or a costly IT integration.

The cloud is no longer a mystery. Companies around the world are embracing the cloud as a means to drive sales growth and revenue.

Don’t wait. Contact us today

Forget error-prone spreadsheets and the constant search for key sales performance indicators. Contact Qymatix now and let’s start working together.



Some of our partners


Software AG

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) is powering the Digital Enterprise. The global enterprise software company offers the world’s first Digital Business Platform that enables businesses to create a new generation of adaptive applications. The platform spans: business and IT transformation; intelligent business operations; agile processes; integration; in-memory data fabric; transaction processing; and the cloud. Software AG also provides digital business solutions for specific industry needs. Qymatix is since 2015 startup partner of Software AG.



Qymatix brings its expertise in predictive analytics now to SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem. The SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem allows Qymatix to develop its SAP partnership further and to expand its experience within the SAP ERP product range. The program provides the Qymatix Team access education, training and enablement, service benefits, development tools, and to essential sales and marketing support.


NewLeaf Partners Europe GmbH

Sam Barcus, Patricia McCracken and Andreas Goldmann founded NewLeaf Partners in 1999. With over 80 collective years of executive and field experience, Sam, Pat and Andreas are seasoned veterans in sales, account management and marketing communications for the telecommunications, high-tech and information technology industries.


BATAVER Vertriebsconsulting

Led by Thilo Oenning, BATAVER Vertriebs GmbH from Düsseldorf is a sales consultancy supporting companies in sales and distribution. Its approach integrates aspects of strategy, organization, and control, as well as B2B sales personnel.

SalesExpert.at | Franz-Xaver Burner

SalesExpert.at | Franz-Xaver Burner

Franz-Xaver Burner works as a sales consultant, trainer, business coach and mentor. He helps SME and big organizations in Austria to develop succesfull sales strategies and to hire sales talent. Franz-Xaver Burner is constantly working on the latest sales technologies. From the optimal use of intelligent CRM tools to sales controlling and reporting software.


Olivier Rivière Consulting

Founded by Dr. Olivier Riviere, Olivier Riviere Consulting works on the basis of collaboration between a number of selected partners and independent consultants covering various disciplines across Europe. It also works with technology partners in specific areas, such as web semantics and sales analytics. He is based on Munich and Paris.



LAVRIO.solutions is an interdisciplinary team of data scientists with a clear goal: to bring your business from data to decisions.



MyCRM GmbH helps experts to organise sales, marketing and service of B2B companies with information systems that bring them further and create great customer experiences.

Risky CRM implementations are completely unnecessary, so MyCRM GmbH has eliminated them. MyCRM GmbH takes full responsibility for the CRM Solution results. With their partner SugarCRM, MyCRM GmbH solves every individual requirement successfully.


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