Savings in configuration and setting of around 10.000 Euros.
Four to six hours per week saved in account management.
Sales team significantly more productive and happy.


The customer is a young software company offering applications to (mainly) customers in Germany. It has a very engaged sales team of four people, including the general manager.

They sell around a 100 of projects per year and need to track sales activities and KPIs across the whole sales team. Transparency, prioritisation and consistency are the most challenging points.

The general manager wants to keep everyone up-to-date regarding the major projects they are pushing forward. E-mailing the entire team is a bad idea as valuable information is often lost and team members lose track of the milestones after reading.

Since the team is not informed about the progress of its open sales plans and opportunities, prioritisation becomes impossible. Sales plans which might have good chances are inadvertently neglect.

Everyone used to keep an excel list of open opportunities. The general manager has made several efforts to work uniformly. However, in the long-run, the team has tended to accommodate these Excel to suit their way of working.

The B2B sales team has been testing different solutions to manage accounts and sales planning across the company. None of them was easy to set up, and flexibility was always a disadvantage.


Qymatix CRM for small sales teams solved most of the challenges. It includes B2B sales analytics, account management, sales planning and an open to-do’s list.

The simplicity of Qymatix CRM allows excellent transparency, an analytical prioritisation and a proven sales consistency across the entire sales team. Now everyone is up-to-date concerning significant opportunities and sales activities.

Applying machine learning algorithms, Qymatix CRM offers the team a mathematical method for prioritising the opportunities with higher chances of closing.

Using straightforward configuration features, Qymatix saved the sales team on setting and customizing comparable CRM solutions an estimated 10.000 Euros. The CRM is hosted in Germany.


The general manager has empowered the sales team with the information everyone needs to be more productive. They are now following the most successful B2B sales management best practices.

Due to the collaborative nature and the best sales practises of the Qymatix CRM, time-saving per sales representative is assessed to reach four to six hours per week.

Savings in configuration costs for similar solutions are estimated to be around 10.000 euros – valuable resources for a small business.


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“Qymatix CRM for small sales teams is how innovation works today: developed together with the end users and with the most powerful technology.”

Peter Dern – software AG

armin-harbrecht about sales analytics

“Regardless of your company size, Qymatix is the best CRM system. Its predictive sales analytics features help sales leaders to focus on the projects with the best chances.”

Armin Harbrecht – aramido GmbH

Katrin CRM

“Qymatix is the most user-friendly CRM for small B2B sales teams. It is very intuitive, also for non-sales-persons and provides just the information we need, without unnecessary fields and functions. We had tried Salesforce and SugarCRM. None beats Qymatix CRM usability.„

Katrin Gaedke-Weberruß – Pharos Solutions GmbH


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