CRM for B2B Sales Teams and Small Businesses

Who can use Qymatix CRM Software?

The Qymatix CRM software is primarily intended for small businesses that want to use Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics Software but do not yet have a CRM system. For this reason, Qymatix CRM software in combination with Qymatix Predictive Sales Software is free of charge.

Of course, you also have the possibility to use our Qymatix CRM software as a simple replacement solution for Excel individually.

Smart Cloud CRM Software

User-friendly CRM that supports Predictive Sales Analytics.

Just the information you need to sell more and save time.

No setup costs, no maintenance costs, no unnecessary effort.

Pipeline Analytics ready to use, including sales KPIs.

Focus on the most promising sales opportunities and deals.

Scalable solution. Automatic upgrades. Enterprise-level cloud security for small businesses.

Focus on your pipeline, in one view and fully intelligent.

Warning signals using machine learning, sales KPIs and forecasts.

All information at a glance, from history to open TO-DOs.

Predictive Sales Pipeline

Effectively managing a sales funnel is critical for every small business. Qymatix CRM offers you three views to keep track of your sales plans: pipeline analytics & sales KPIs, sales plan list and sales activities calendar.

In the pipeline analytics view, you find several pipeline KPIs: the number of deals in your funnel or pipeline, the average size of a deal, their close ratio, and their lifetime. You can set yourself goals and compare them with the due dates of our sales plans. In the List tab of the sales pipeline view, you can access a list of all your sales planes, with the specific activities associated with them. With the help of artificial intelligence, Qymatix predictive sales analytics notifies you when a plan becomes “hot” and requires attention. The schedule or calendar shows you the leading sales activities you are working on.

Pipeline analytics ready to use.

Key Account Management

Classic CRMs overloads you with non-useful information. Qymatix CRM focuses instead on the minimal set of functions that you need to improve sales performance. For effective key account management, provides you with a view listing your accounts. This view has three tabs: all accounts alphabetically listed, recent access accounts and clipped (or marked) accounts.

An account can be of different types, such as customer, lead (or prospect) or reseller. Most of the options in Qymatix CRM are pre-defined. Having simpler options is necessary to perform data mining using machine learning.

From the account detail view, you can access a list of activities and opportunities. You can also update relevant account information such as the number of employees, industry, and revenue. This information is valuable to perform CRM data mining using Qymatix machine learning algorithms.

Just the information your need to sell more and save time.

Customer Relationship Management

Qymatix CRM is extremely simple. In the contacts view, you can access a list of all your contacts. A small business looking for a way to replace excel can use this view to list all its contacts and relationships.

In all three views of the Qymatix CRM, you can create, edit or delete any plan, account, sales action or contact.

Just the information your need to sell more and save time.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.


Qymatix CRM is free, in combination with Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics Software. Just contact us to discuss this option.

€ 29.-

Per user/month, billed annually, VAT not included. A powerful CRM Software to supercharge your sales planning process.


Smart Cloud CRM Software for B2B Sales Teams and Small Businesses.

Frequently asked questions about Qymatix CRM

What makes Qymatix CRM different than other Customer Relationship Management Systems?

Qymatix CRM includes intelligent pipelines functions and analytics, following best practices in B2B sales planning. That makes Qymatix CRM extremely easy to use to B2B sales managers. Qymatix CRM is developed by B2B sales experts for sales experts and includes the most critical pipeline sales KPIs.

Can I get a demo of Qymatix CRM?

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate Qymatix CRM through a web conference at your convenience. The demo takes around 45 minutes. To schedule your personal session, please contact us.

Can I try Qymatix CRM for free?

You can try Qymatix CRM for free for 14 days. Qymatix CRM does not need a setup and is ready to run algorithms for predictive analytics using your CRM data.

What happens after the 14-days test phase?

The test phase is free of charge and completely non-binding. After the 14 days, we will ask you per e-mail, if you want to keep using the software. It is up to you. You will not be automatically charged. With just one click, you can anytime export your accounts, contacts and sales plans in CSV format.

Is there really a free version of Qymatix CRM?

Yes. Qymatix CRM is included for free with the Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics suite. If you want to know more about it, write us a message.

Is my data safe?

Your data is safe. Our elaborate security system matches that of the online banking industry, is kept up-to-date permanently and is exclusively based on proven technologies. In addition, Qymatix CRM is accessed via an encrypted SSL, bank-grade security connection. Read more about the security of your data here.

“Qymatix is the most user-friendly CRM for small B2B sales teams. It is very intuitive, also for non-sales-persons and provides just the information we need, without unnecessary fields and functions. We had tried Salesforce and SugarCRM. None beats Qymatix CRM usability.”

Katrin Gaedke-Weberruß – Pharos Solutions GmbH

“Qymatix understands the challenges most of the sales leaders in medium enterprises are facing. I was looking for a way to offer my customers useful insights with one click, and I found it with Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics.”

Thilo Oenning – BATAVER Sales Consulting

“Qymatix helps growing medium enterprises to find undetected business opportunities with existing customers. With thousand active ones in our portfolio, Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics is exactly what we need.”

Daniel Schuster – Welotec GmbH