How would your CRM look like, if it was built for the artificial intelligence era?

Since 2013 Qymatix Solutions GmbH helps companies to sell more and save time using predictive sales analytics.

Due to increasing demand, Qymatix offers now its software to small and medium enterprises looking for an easy-to-use and intelligent Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).
Qymatix CRM for B2B sales teams includes quick sales funnel analytics functions, easy multi-users setting and follows the latest best practices in sales planning.
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With Qymatix CRM for Business-To-Business, sales managers can now manage and analyse sales plans and opportunities, customers, contacts, and sales activities using artificial intelligence technology for predictive sales analytics.
These innovative features can increase the productivity of a sales team and sales management by approximately 20 % and improve the success rate in new projects by 5 to 15 %.
Developed by B2B sales experts for sales experts, Qymatix CRM is built for the artificial intelligence era.

More about Qymatix CRM for Small Businesses

“Qymatix is the most user-friendly CRM for small B2B sales teams. It is very intuitive, also for non-sales-persons and provides just the information we need, without unnecessary fields and functions. We had tried Salesforce and SugarCRM. None beats Qymatix CRM usability for small businesses.„

Katrin Gaedke-Weberruß – Pharos Solutions GmbH

About Qymatix Solutions GmbH:

Qymatix Solutions GmbH
Haid-und-Neu-Strasse 7
76131 Karlsruhe

Qymatix Solutions GmbH is an international software company based in Germany working in the field of Predictive Sales Analytics for B2B using artificial intelligence. Qymatix develops and commercialises a SaaS Solution that enables sales leaders in medium-sized business-to-business enterprises to achieve a much higher business success rate through better marketing decisions. Qymatix has developed a unique cloud technology that combines both data models for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and HTML5 data visualisation for ERP systems. This advanced product architecture enables sales managers in business-to-business to effectively undertake the most successful sales action plans, based on ERP data mining.

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