Qymatix Sales Analytics Software Users Subscription Plans

We offer six different plans for the users of Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics Software: CRM, Basic, Professional, Controller, Developer, Advanced.

The type of plan determines the functionalities, the degree of support and the pricing of your company subscription.

In the table below, you can find a summary of the views available to each type of subscription plan.

Basic Controller Professional CRM Advanced Developer
Sales Insights only via API
Sales Reporting only via API
Products Analytics only via API
Sales Planning only via API
Actions & Activities only via API
Accounts only via API
Contacts only via API
ERP & CRM Data Connection partially via API
Settings partially via API


Basic users have access to the central core of our predictive sales algorithms, including cross-selling, churn analytics and pricing. Controllers can create sales reports and analyse the price of individual products. CRM users do not have access to our advanced sales analytics software, only to a list of customers, contacts, sales actions & activities, and sales opportunities, including a lead-scoring feature. Professional users are a combination of Basic and CRM users, and Advanced users have unlimited access to all the views.

Qymatix API (Application Programming Interface)

All user’s subscription plans have access to the API (Application Programming Interface) together with their online access to the Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics Software. Users with subscription plans type “developer” can only access the software via our API.

Upgrading Qymatix

Subscription plans are interchangeable. Companies can combine them freely on their subscription. Upgrading users’ subscriptions plans can result in a change of pricing (for that user only) and might require additional services.

Write to us today to discuss the type of subscription that will better fit your need.


  • This online manual reflects the functionality of Qymatix Predictive Sales SaaS version 0.5.0. Variations may occur with more advanced versions of the tool.

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