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Performance Management

Performance management is probably one of the most important tasks of a sales leader. To manage sales performance, there are several questions that you need to answer:

What is the current performance of our existing customer base?
How can I help my sales team to succeed?
Are we on track to achieve our short-term financial goals?
How should I diagnose the performance of our salespeople?
How is performance trending over time – should we make changes now for long-term success?
How can I determine sales goals that are fair, realistic, and motivational?


A crucial metric to measure the effectiveness of your sales team is to assess the value each customer, region and Key Account Manager provides to your business.


Qymatix Expert Tip: Get a basic understanding of the value each key account manager provides
By analysing sales data in this view, a sales leader can understand the effectiveness and efficiency of his team’s actions and sales plans. The Sales Performance Management page has three views: total, per country and per Key Account Manager.
You have here two main sales dashboards together with eight key sales metrics.
In the first dashboard, sales-to-date for the month, the quarter and the year, together with its growth is presented. The second chart shows the growth, the revenues and the plans of each Key Account Manager.
Qymatix Expert Tip: Keep your team focused on the right metrics.
Remember two things. First, when it comes to sales analytics, less is more. Keep your team focused on the right metrics and they will have a better chance of success. Second, since the metrics you use are a key driver of your sales force behaviour, this view could help your company to attract and retain sales talent.
For that reason, you have here a consolidated set of key performance indicators, from active accounts to actions and sales plans.


We also offer you Sales Performance Analytics as a service.

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