Every year comes with new goals. If your goal in 2019 is to find a new job, Santa Claus brought you a gift: Predictive Jobs Analytics.

As an end-of-the-year campaign, this predictive analytics example helps professionals looking for a job to find one faster. It uses artificial intelligence and makes it easier for business networks’ users to:

♦ List their Job suggestions based on a predictive scoring, to save time while looking for a job.
♦ Improve their profiles using artificial intelligence, so headhunters will find them faster.
♦ Start 2019 with a new job!


According to the survey we conducted in November 2016, the vast majority of professionals uses business networks to find new jobs. 38% of the respondents are candidates actively looking for a job. For them, this technology can make a job search more efficient. Using semantic technology and text mining, this software ranks job suggestions based on a predictive analytics scoring. Instead of having to go through each job opening, users can let the algorithm rank them based on artificial intelligence.
Half of the professionals surveyed use business networks passively. They fill a profile with a sexy picture and expect to be discovered by companies or headhunters. For candidates waiting to be called, this SaaS technology helps them to improve the chances to be found using artificial intelligence.

How does this Example of Predictive Job Analytics work?

Just log in here. It will open in a new window. At the moment it works only with XING. Once you logged in, the algorithms will run through your profile, photo and jobs suggestions. Depending on the amount of data and the load on the servers, this data mining process can take up to two minutes.

On the left menu, you will see the “Jobs Analyzer” and “Profile Analyzer” views, together with a feedback, help, and logout links. Above right, you can select the language and start a walkthrough.

Job Analyzer with Predictive and Semantic Analytics

The tool uses several data mining processes to extract relevant information from both your profile and the job suggestions. Prioritize your job search based on our predictive analytics scoring, if you are actively applying for jobs. You can access this list in the “Jobs Analyzer” view.
This view has two tabs. Left, the job suggestions are ranked based on the predictive scoring model. Right, based on distance to your profile’s city. You can find the name of your city in the headline. You can toggle jobs abroad.

Profile Analyzer with Predictive Analytics & Image Intelligence

Improve your profile based on artificial intelligence suggestions if you want headhunters and companies to find you faster. In the view “Profile Analyzer” you will find a profile scoring, an image scoring, a summary of your profile and a list of suggestions.

The profile scoring is the overall analysis of your profile. This algorithm calculates the completeness of your profile and the usage of the different profile sections.

Your profile picture is very important. An algorithm analyzes your image with the help of artificial intelligence and returns an image score. Good profile images usually include a friendly face portrait, showing am ample smile and some happiness, joy or confidence.
Predictive-Job-Analytics -profile
Results will be updated after every login.

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Some questions you might have:

If I use this tool, will my boss know that I am looking for a job?
No, if you don’t tell her. We suggest not to tell her. But you can tell your boss and colleagues about Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics.

Can Qymatix modify or alter my profile?
No, we cannot. We don’t want either, it probably looks fine. Just test it.

Is this app for free?
Yes until we change our minds. Take it as an end-of-the-year present for you.

Again: how can I test see this predictive analytics example in action?
Just log in with your user in here. You will see one view with suggestions to improve your profile and a list of job recommendations using artificial intelligence. The results are updated with every login. For the moment it works with XING only.

Is Qymatix Solutions GmbH a recruitment agency?
No, Qymatix is not a recruitment agency. Qymatix Solutions GmbH is an international software company based in Germany working in the field of Predictive Sales Analytics for B2B using artificial intelligence. We just want to present a predictive analytics example built with artificial intelligence. Write us a message if you want to know more about Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics And if you want to work with us, check our current openings.


Our thoughts about Predictive Sales Analytics

Predictive analytics technologies can save companies time and money by reducing manual analysis and prioritization. As a leading provider of predictive sales analytics applications for B2B, Qymatix wants to present here useful end-of-the-year example. Further cases include predictively spotting opportunity across B2B customers and customer risk analysis.

Not all predictive analytics is the same. One of the main risks facing managers in B2B is overloading their teams with dashboards and non-actionable data visualization. Any effective data mining technique has to present the sales force with specific sales analytics results, not with analytical methods. This is why the most effective data mining techniques deliver as few key performance indicators (KPI) as possible, focusing instead on the most relevant ones for each situation.


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