On Friday 22nd April 2016,10:00-16:00 hrs. at Lufthansa Training Center, D-64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim Qymatix will be presenting the last version of its predictive sales analytics tool to selected German Sales Leaders, as part of the Sales & Leader Lab 2016 of NewLeaf Partners Europe GmbH.
The Sales & Leader Lab offers expert presentations on how sales leaders can improve their teams’ performance in competitive markets. The Lab brings together sales leaders, thought-provoking sessions, and new innovative software solutions.

Qymatix is proud to be able to present the last release of its predictive sales analytics tool. Qymatix provides a decision-making acceleration SaaS for sales managers of mid-size companies through an easy and intuitive user experience based on solid and innovative web technologies. The implementation of this proven sales tool can help sales leaders streamline their sales methodology with effective predictive sales analytics.
About The Sales & Leader Lab 2016:

Sales Leaders must help their teams stay ahead of the game.

Around the world, the sales environment continues to evolve and change at a dizzying pace. Competition increases at an exponential rate. Price battles have become the norm. Winning time in front of the customer is becoming more difficult. Conventional thought maintains that, in order to improve performance, one must invest in frontline sellers, not in the Sales Leaders. However, without investing in the managers and coaches who guide their troops into battle, the executives in their corner offices have little hope of getting their strategic plans executed. The reality is that the leaders are the primary source of reinforcement for any change effort aimed at the sales team. The key to this level of development is to provide Sales Leaders with unique learning processes, proven sales tools, and experiential exercises. At the same time enable them to remove roadblocks, define metrics and streamline their sales methodology.

Come to meet Lucas Pedretti and Ullrich Benz and discover how Qymatix predictive analytics tool can increase productivity growth in your sales team.

Sales & Leader Lab 2016 program and registration



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