The Most Popular Articles in Qymatix Sales Analytics Blog during 2018 – as quoted by cats.

Near the end of every year, we list in an especial post the most read articles of our blog. “Best-of-the-year in predictive sales”, as it is now popularly known in Germany.

This time, since artificial intelligence might be about to take over the world, we decided to change the format. We will let funny, sweet kittens quote our most read articles of the year. They are not “bongo cats”, but real ones.

We could not decide which cats are the cuddliest, we let that to you. Please comment below.

I also would like to answer your question in advance: can a kitten be left alone during the day? Only when kittens are over four months of age that you can leave them for 6-7 hours at a time. However, we advise you against leaving kittens alone, for they might begin considering a career in B2B sales.

We take this chance to wish you all a happy new year!

CRM Analytics – The Qymatix most effective three tips for B2B sales

CRM Analytics

Sales Analytics is changing the way sales teams work in B2B. Both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems offer pro and cons for sales analytics.

How to use Big Data to stop customer churn in B2B

How to use Big Data to stop customer churn in B2B

Firms in a business-to-business context should focus on establishing long-term relationships with their customers by adopting appropriate retention approaches, rather than just seeking to acquire new ones. By pursuing an effective retention strategy, companies can benefit from lower servicing costs, coupled with higher revenues.

Excel for predictive analytics? Yes, you could!

Excel for predictive analytics

Excel is a very flexible software for predictive analytics. With some time and basic knowledge of data mining, a sales leader can, for example, successfully prioritize a sales pipeline using Excel. There are, of course, alternatives to Excel for predictive analytics and sales planning.

Example of a Market Basket Analysis or Cross-Selling

predictive analytics cross selling

Predictive sales analytics uses a collection of data mining methods to describe and predict the likelihood of future outcomes. One useful application of predictive sales analytics is cross-selling or market basket analysis.

Key Metrics for Successful B2B Sales Teams in Digital Times – Five Unmissable Tips with Examples

Key Metrics for Successful B2B Sales Teams

B2B sales have a different meaning in digital times. There are several examples of why the job of a sales manager has radically changed. Customers are shifting their buying patterns, and therefore B2B sales processes must adapt. New technologies, such as predictive analytics, are entering the mainstream and they require different B2B sales techniques.