Is your business looking to increase its sales revenues and you wonder how to go about this?

A recent study published by Harvard Business Review may give you a simple yet effective answer to that all-important question – be faster when getting back to your online enquiries.

The study, which looked at 1.25 million sales leads from more than 40 US-based companies, suggests that sales success very much depends on the response time of your sales staff. Firms that tried to contact their prospects within less than an hour of receiving an enquiry online were almost seven times more likely to qualify the lead than those who got in touch even an hour later – and more than 60 times more likely than companies that waited 24 hours or longer.

Today Internet users expect pages to load within seconds and content to be readily available at their fingertips. The study results indicate that the same mindset applies to enquiries submitted online. If there is not fast response, online-generated leads go cold very quickly.

Companies are making considerable investments to attract prospects online and obtain traffic and enquiries from the Internet. Slow responses do not only hamper the ROI on the marketing and advertising spends but also have a noticeable impact on sales results.


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