Why Sales Reporting & KPI with Qymatix Software?

Focus on the KPI with the highest earning-impact.
Make Sales Reporting easy to use and to understand.
Avoid manual data analysis using Qymatix AI.

How does Sales Reporting & KPI with Qymatix Software work?

Select and measure scientifically based KPI based on machine learning instead of pre-defined rule systems or pre-formulated hypotheses. Qymatix Sales Reporting Software enables higher precision and quick adaptation to market changes and customer behaviour.

With Qymatix Sales Reporting Software & KPI sales leaders can manage a salesforce based on their customers’ real potential using data mining.

Qymatix advanced sales analytics software enables sales managers in business-to-business to perform cross-selling, churn prevention and pricing analytics in one click.

Highlighted features of Sales Reporting & KPI with Qymatix Software


Sales Reporting & KPI with Qymatix Software

Business-Driven Reports Sales KPI per customer and Key Account Manager

Analysing and reporting sales data is crucial to the success of any B2B organization, particularly those focused on sales growth and customer lifetime value.

Output Sales Indicators, also known as lagging indicators, measure the results of sales activities and show how sales have evolved in the past. Input Sales KPI are leading indicators.

Advanced Sales KPI include relationships between output and input sales KPIs. With our sales analysis tool, we will show you how your total sales and margins are distributed across your customer base.

Advanced Sales Analytics makes the relationships visible and show you where your current success comes from.




AI-Based sales reporting software

Qymatix AI-Based sales reporting software supports your account managers to prioritise and be more successful. Qymatix reporting software includes the most critical key performance indicators (KPI) for your sales force. These Key Performance Indicators show whether your sales operations work effectively, and it provides you with a powerful controlling instrument.

The Qymatix AI-Based sales reporting software enables sales leaders to timely take corrective actions. Furthermore, it also suggests what measures to undertake using predictive analytics.

Sales Reporting & KPI

Fastest Time to Value for Sales Reporting

You cannot wait for months for your sales reporting software. Many solutions, especially appealing data visualisation solutions, make a good first impression but they take a long time to be fully implemented and do not offer predictive sales KPI.

Qymatix sales reporting software delivers one of the fastest time to value, allowing your business to start swiftly using predictive sales KPI and to experience benefits sooner.

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