Sales Reporting Software & KPI

Why Sales Reporting & KPI with Qymatix Software?

Analyse your ERP data in seconds.

Keep the overview or go into detail.

Increase customer-facing time.

Companies switch to the Qymatix Reporting Software when they have had enough of wasteful Excel lists and workarounds for analysing their ERP data.

While dashboards only provide a rough overview and individual solutions are far too costly, Qymatix Reporting Software combines robust analyses with ease-of-use and fast implementation.

How does the Qymatix Reporting Software work?

Most ERP systems make data analysis difficult due to puzzling lists. As a result, sales reps work with endless data exports, workarounds, or error-prone spreadsheets.

Qymatix Reporting Software makes the process of data analysis more efficient than ever. Select your parameters in any depth and any combination with just a few clicks and get a detailed analysis immediately. Now you can get the information you need at your fingertips – up to date and in a matter of seconds.

Not only the concept but also the methodology of Qymatix Reporting Software is unique. Combining analytical and visual presentation, the layer system, the forecast and the “Fast Path” technology make the Qymatix Reporting Software one of the most efficient and meaningful Sales Intelligence Solutions on the market.

The Qymatix Reporting Software is a desktop application for Windows (from version 7) and Apple OSX (from version 10.6). The software is compiled exclusively as a 64-bit version and contains ready-made interfaces to SAP Business One and M-System. We can also provide you with additional SQL scripts for the connection to other ERP systems.

Highlighted features of the Qymatix Reporting Software

Easy Customer Analytics

For the executive and sales management team, an overall view of the entire company is essential.

  • Which sales markets are flourishing?
  • How are sales staff developing?
  • Which manufacturers are profitable?
  • Or with which customers are over-performing?

Qymatix Reporting Software provides you with all this information within seconds:

  • ABC Analyses
  • Sales and revenue analysis for countries, customers, and products.
  • Sales Target setting and target/actual comparison with status to the day
  • Sales rep analyses with an evaluation of target achievement
  • Winners and losers lists
Customized detailed analyses

Sales management also needs to drill down quickly and efficiently into the depth of the analysis. Why do certain products not work for specific sales reps? Why are certain manufacturers more successful with customer groups than with others?
Such analyses require enormous flexibility in the evaluations. Without having to provide predefined data, Qymatix Reporting Software can provide you with this data at the push of a button.

  • Sales and unit analysis down to customer or item level
  • Any combination of analysis parameters
  • Ranking lists for all parameters such as customers, articles, and manufacturers.
  • Comparison with the previous year or any other period
  • Analyses of target achievement
Exactly the information the field service needs

When the sales representative contacts customers, she must be able to get a quick overview. What are the sales of the last few years and the current revenues? Which products have the customer already purchased?
Configure Qymatix Reporting Software so that your sales reps only see their customer base and their own generated sales. Give them individual sales targets that you can review daily and keep track of their performance.

  • Analyses of all customer-related sales
  • Review sales targets for the customer and yourself
  • Analyse sales together with the customer
  • An overview of customer contact information
  • Qymatix Reporting Software works offline

Ready to get started?

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