Qymatix is now a proud member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® Program.


Qymatix is helping business get ahead with predictive sales analytics in their SAP world.

Karlsruhe, 19.07.2018. Qymatix Solutions GmbH is since 2013 helping B2B companies to grow faster using predictive sales analytics.

To reduce customer churn, discover cross- and up-selling opportunities, and enforce pricing policy, sales executives need today access to advanced predictive analytics models.



Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics is now publicly available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource


How can you implement predictive sales analytics in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP-Software?

Karlsruhe, 06.07.2018. Qymatix Solutions GmbH is since 2013 helping B2B companies to become more efficient using predictive sales analytics.

To implement cross- and up-selling strategies, reduce customer churn and enforce pricing policy, sales leaders need today access to sophisticated predictive analytics models.



Salesforce brake: CRM


CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to a company philosophy that is primarily pointed towards the customer. Almost all companies use special software solutions, but the fewest systems truly fulfil their function. Why this is the case, explains Ingo Sievert, Managing Director of SP Integration GmbH in conversation with Helmut König.


Helmut König: Mr Sievert, what is important for a CRM system to satisfy its original function?



Cloud ERP applications are transforming sales in B2B


The time is now. The shift to the cloud in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market is well underway.

This transformation is bringing unfair competitive advantages. Per Gartner, cloud-first strategies are the foundation for staying competitive in a fast-paced world. Cloud-first strategies spell, of course, enormous implications for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales.


Big Data

Qymatix benefiting from Software AG Startup Program


Karlsruhe, 11. Mai 2015 –


Qymatix Solutions GmbH is since May part of the Software AG Startup Program. Under this partnership, Qymatix gets free access to Software AG’S Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Business Process Management products. In addition, Software AG advises Qymatix in growth strategy, sales network, and technology development.