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Artificial intelligence for SMEs: 5 tips for implementation

A thought-out introduction and the appropriate use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring SMEs real added value.

When implementing AI or AI systems, SMEs should not rush into anything. The opportunities must also be recognized and internalized by employees. After that, you can introduce AI with a clear roadmap and the use of relevant data.

Investment by European startups in artificial intelligence (AI) is rising sharply. That is the conclusion of a recent study by management consultants Roland Berger. According to the survey, investments in the European AI ecosystem grow by up to 50 per cent annually. In 2019 alone, 218 artificial intelligence companies were founded in Germany.


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Five Facts from our Predictive Sales Software that you probably don’t know

Here are five interesting facts we discovered while analyzing sales transactions of B2B companies.

Are you interested in learning from your sales data? Artificial intelligence makes sales teams truly data-driven, while offering exciting insights. Learn what other companies have discovered with us now!

How did we get to these interesting facts? Using our Predictive Sales-AI software. Our AI-based predictive sales software analyzes sales transaction data and generates accurate customer behaviour predictions (cross-selling potential, pricing, and churn risks).


ERP Data Mining

What Big Data Mining Means for ERP & Sales

a short article about erp data mining and how sales managers can quickly spot opportunities based on their ERP and CRM data.

Sales managers in B2B can dig their ERP sales data for valuable insights

Start with your existing data. The most common and more useful data a sales manager possess is her Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sales data, together with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data.