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Support of AI-based software solutions in the B2B sales process

An excerpt from Tamara Mayer’s bachelor thesis with a status quo analysis and recommendations for action.

Tamara Mayer is a graduate of the Landshut University of Applied Sciences and has dealt with the topic of artificial intelligence in B2B sales in her bachelor’s thesis. In the context of this thesis, she conducted several expert interviews – among others with the managing director of Qymatix Solutions GmbH Lucas Pedretti.

In the following excerpt of her work, Tamara Mayer gives concrete recommendations to companies who want to optimize their sales processes with AI.

predictive analytics in construction

Predictive Analytics in B2B E-commerce: A customer acquisition example

Predictive Analytics – Opportunities for new customer acquisition in B2B e-commerce using the example of an Austrian construction supplier.Mr Haunschmid, please introduce yourself to our readers.My name is Thomas Haunschmid, and I live in Lower Austria.

As “Business Manager E-commerce” I work daily with new trends and strategies to improve and optimise the buying experience of our B2B customers.

There is one trend that Business Managers cannot avoid in E-Commerce these days: the systematic use of data to optimise product and sales strategies.



The digital future of B2B sales – Expert Interview

Mister Oenning, we know each other through the Federal Association of Sales Manager e.V. (Bundesverband der Vertriebsmanager e.V. (BdVM) ). Could please you introduce yourself to our readers?

With pleasure. First, I am a salesperson, and I have been one with sales passion from the start. I find it very exciting and inspiring to work at the end of value-added processes. It is there, when the customer chooses one particular product or service, which everything a company does shows its real worth.

So, what can be more attractive and more challenging than working for this success?

Vertriebsleiter Gehalt

B2B Sales Manager Salary in Germany – How much are they doing?

What does a B2B sales manager actually earn?

The sales management profession accounts for one of the best paid in Germany. Sales managers earned an average of € 76.490 yearly gross salary in 2018, according to the website The site is a leading publication in the recruiting sector in Germany.

Most sales positions include a variable proportion. This proportion of a sales salary can represent between 10 and 80 % of the yearly gross remuneration. The attainment of revenue goals and KPI for sales usually determines the level of variable compensation in B2B.


Salesforce brake: CRM


CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to a company philosophy that is primarily pointed towards the customer. Almost all companies use special software solutions, but the fewest systems truly fulfil their function. Why this is the case, explains Ingo Sievert, Managing Director of SP Integration GmbH in conversation with Helmut König.


Helmut König: Mr Sievert, what is important for a CRM system to satisfy its original function?