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Sales success through intelligent B2B sales analytics.

Predictive analytics

made simple

With the use of customized algorithms for advanced sales analytics, Qymatix provides a comprehensive list of sales opportunities and hidden risks.



Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello Qymatix.

A unique cloud technology bringing together specific data models for machine learning and data visualization for sales leaders.

Insights Sales Analytics

Sales Insights

Sales insights are the result of advanced sales analytics that can help your team to sell more, find hidden opportunities or avoid customer churn. When it comes to analysing data, less is more. That is why this first view focuses on the main six sales insights a B2B sales leader needs.

If you have the data, you have the power.

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Performance Sales Manager

Performance Management

Sales plans are critical to the success of your team and organisation. A crucial metric to measure the effectiveness of your sales team is to assess the value each customer, region and Key Account Manager provides to your business.

Use advanced analytics for effective sales planning.

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Advanced Sales Analytics

Sales Territory Design

Most B2B sales teams are organized around sales regions. Qymatix Sales Territory Design helps sales leaders and key account managers with their road-trip planning, using advanced analytics. In addition, users can pay attention to unknown opportunities depending on location.

Distribute your sales resources efficiently.

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Get the full power of predictive sales analytics and leave spreadsheets in the past.


How does Qymatix Sales Analytics work?

Using your existing sales data, Qymatix runs advanced predictive sales analytics. Our tool has ready-to-use sales dashboards, based on machine learning data models. CRM, sales planning, and geo analysis are included.

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I have a CRM, why do I need Qymatix?

With Qymatix predictive analytics insights you will be able to improve your customer relations, Sales, Margin, Pricing Opportunities, and reduce Churn-Risk. With Qymatix you can invest your sales resources better.

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Where will my data be hosted?

Unless specifically declared otherwise, Qymatix Solutions GmbH is a self-hosted web service in Germany. You are always in possession of your data and it will never leave the country. We are able to offer on-premises solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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How can I test Qymatix Sales Analytics?

You can try our innovative predictive analytics solution easily and free of charge with sample data. Better is to test Qymatix predictive sales analytics for a period of three months with your own sales data, including data integration and training of key users. Write us today for more information.

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What is the difference with a cloud visualization tool?

First, Qymatix is a tool specifically designed for sales managers and controllers. That means the tool is ready to use. Second, Qymatix provides machine learning algorithms for predictive sales analytics and helps you understand your sales data faster.

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Do I need an expensive integration?

No, you don’t. Qymatix offers interfaces to most CRM and ERP systems. If your sales data is available in a format compatible with Qymatix formats, there are almost no integration costs.

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These companies are already experiencing a new generations of sales analytics

"Qymatix helps growing medium enterprises to find undetected business opportunities with existing customers. With thousand active customers in our portfolio, Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics is exactly what we need."

Daniel Schuster – Welotec GmbH

daniel about sales analytics
"Qymatix offers us years of business-to-business sales expertise and best practices through its very easy to use SaaS solution. I have never seen something like Qymatix before."

Daniel Herzig-Sommer - SearchHaus GmbH

armin-harbrecht about sales analytics
"Regardless of your company size, Qymatix is the best complement for your CRM system. Its predictive sales analytics tool helps sales leaders to focus on the projects with the best chances."

Armin Harbrecht - aramido GmbH

Dr. Prof. Deva Rangarajan
"Companies nowadays are transitioning through a digital change process, while still managing their sales and service organizations to ensure maximum effectiveness. Qymatix is a great partner in this digital transformation."

Deva Rangarajan - Vlerick Business School

"Qymatix is how innovation works today: developed together with the end users and with the most powerful technology. "

Peter Dern – software AG

sales consulting
"If you have the data, you have the power. Qymatix saves my customers a lot of time by presenting them with the right sales insights at the right moment."

Andy Sharma - ActionCoach Business Coaching

A new generation
of sales analytics

Qymatix is a powerful business intelligence solution that enables sales managers in B2B to achieve a much higher business success rate through better marketing decisions.


Qymatix in the News

From our Sales Analytics Blog


Qymatix for a Sales Manager

Qymatix helps sales managers to increase revenues and reach her targets, by supporting sales teams to work proactively and to reduce customer churn. Qymatix is an innovative predictive sales analytics tool that helps you find insights, such as low-hanging fruits, cross-selling and pricing opportunities.

Qymatix for a Key Account Manager

Qymatix helps Key Account Managers to reduce the time spent each week with their sales manager, discussing customer progress and sales quotas. Our solution aim to give Key Account Managers the right focus for sales calls, sales visits, and joint customers meetings. They can reduce the time spent filling sales results and preparing sales planning and reporting.

Qymatix for a Sales Controller

Qymatix helps Sales Controllers to watch and manage sales processes in their company. With Qymatix, Sales Controllers can work together with their sales team to make sure they align quotas, performance, and their financial forecast. Qymatix automatically analyzes sales data, so Sales Controllers do not need advanced knowledge about data analysis and do not need to rely on MS Excel.