Wholesale businesses can expect tremendous benefit from AI-based sales forecasting through predictive sales analytics software. Find out why and what to look for in this free downloadable e-book.

Many wholesale companies are under competitive pressure from eCommerce and are looking for ways to improve their margins. Predictive sales software for sales, is an innovative and data-driven way to discover sales potential.


Table of Content

1. Terms Easily Explained
2. Top 3 Predictive Sales Analytics Methods in the Wholesale Sector
3. Why Predictive Sales for Wholesalers?
4. Guide to the Implementation of Predictive Analytics
5. Checklist Test: How Much does your Company Benefit from Predictive Analytics?


Who is the eBook interesting for?

The eBook is interesting for all those who work for a wholesale company and are looking for innovative methods to use existing data profitably.

This eBook is a Must-Read for:

– General Managers / CEOs
– Sales managers / Sales Directors (strategic and operational)
– IT Directors / IT Managers
– Sales Controllers
– Project Managers for Business Development or New Technologies

Free eBook for download: Predictive Analytics in B2B Wholesale

How to start with Predictive Analytics in B2B Wholesale.

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Predictive Sales Analytics im B2B Großhandel