We provide you with the edge

Our Mission:

We want to change the world. We want to make B2B sales teams ten times more efficient with artificial intelligence.

We are on a mission to provide innovative companies’ leaders with sales acceleration software using machine learning and groundbreaking web technologies.

Our Values:

1) We understand our customers and work together to make them happy.

2) We value, respect and help our associates develop.

3) We improve every day and stretch ourselves.

4) We create value for our customers, investors and partners.

5) We make a positive contribution to society.

Management Team

Lucas Pedretti – Co-founder & CEO

20 years of experience in management positions in marketing and sales worldwide, among others Festo, Belden Inc. and Omron Electronics.

“In the near future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the decisive factor in medium-sized companies to remain competitive.”


Dr. Martin Masip – Co-founder & CTO

Post PhD in physics with more than 10 years experience in data analysis.

“Would not it be helpful to know beforehand which customers have unused sales opportunities? Today, this is possible using Predictive Analytics.”


Svenja Szillat – Marketing Manager

Making Predictive Analytics understandable and actionable.

“Predictive Sales is essential in B2B.”


Thilo Oenning – Head of Sales Enablement

Conceptual implementation of Qymatix use in sales teams.

“Qymatix is at the same time a strong steering tool for sales management and a brilliant tool for account managers”