How does Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics work?

Using your ERP sales transactions and CRM sales data, Qymatix runs advanced predictive sales analytics and then presents you with the best results. These results can be accessed using Qymatix data visualization or sent back to your systems via our API. There’s no need for expensive IT projects, no need for a costly data analyst.


Do I need an expensive CRM – ERP integration?

No, you don’t. Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics Software easily integrates your sales data into our software. This can come from Excel or your current CRM or ERP system. Similarly, Qymatix can be integrated with CRM and ERP systems such as Salesforce, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Sage ERP, SAP and Infor ERP Xpert.

If your sales data is available in a format compatible with Qymatix formats, there are almost no additional integration costs. Bear in mind that sales data varies from one system to another. Read more here. If you are still unsure if you can use your sales data with Qymatix, contact us.

I need to do a one-time analysis of my sales transactions, can Qymatix help?

Yes, we offer one-off analysis of your past sales data. We offer this as part of our Consultancy Services for Predictive Sales Analytics, Machine Learning for Sales, Churn and Pricing Analytics. We also provide on-premises Predictive Sales Analytics Workshops.

I already have a CRM, why do I need Qymatix Sales Analytics Software?

Qymatix Predictive Sales Software is not a CRM system. It is an addition to your existing system. If you are already using a CRM, you can go one step further and make your CRM intelligent. Based on Qymatix predictive analytics insights, you will improve your customer relations, sales results, margin, pricing strategy, and reduce customer attrition or churn. Using Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics you can invest your resources better.

And if I don’t have a CRM, can I use Qymatix as my smart CRM?

Qymatix Predictive Sales Software is not a CRM system. However, it requires a CRM system to make tis insights usable. For this reason, Qymatix offers its CRM software as the first sensible step for small businesses. This software can be used as analytical CRM. Write us today to discuss this option.

How can I test Qymatix Sales Analytics Software?

We encourage you to get to know the advantages of predictive sales analytics using your ERP sales data in combination with CRM data and maybe another external data source relevant to your applications.

You can test our sales analytics tool for three months, including data integration, use of the software and training for your users. In a first call, we will discuss your needs and show you the ROI you can expect with Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics.

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What is the difference between Qymatix and a cloud visualization tool, such as Qlik and Tableau?

Qymatix is a predictive analytics tool specifically designed for sales managers and controllers. Therefore, the tool is ready to use and requires almost no up-front investment.

Furthermore, Qymatix provides machine learning algorithms for predictive sales analytics. These algorithms enable our tool to learn from the repeated use and help you to sell more.

One factor weighing on many companies is the high cost of mounting a robust machine learning operation in Qlik and Tableau. Qymatix solves this problem for B2B sales leaders.

If I choose Qymatix as a SaaS solution, where will my data be hosted?

If you use Qymatix as a SaaS, your data will be hosted in Germany. You are always in possession of your data and it will never leave the country.

We can also offer on-premises deployment, depending on the number of users and location. Send us a message to discuss this option.

How safe is Qymatix SaaS?

As safe as could be. Qymatix’s elaborate security system matches that of the online banking industry, is kept up-to-date permanently and is exclusively based on proven technologies. An AES-128-GCM (TLS 1.2) encryption guarantees the highest possible security standards when it comes to data protection. For more info, read here.

Don’t waste time and money before testing Qymatix technology. There’s no need for expensive IT projects, no need for a costly data analyst. If you want to know more, write us today.


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