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Welcome to Qymatix predictive sales analytics software documentation and knowledge base.

Here you will find useful information about Qymatix software and step-by-step tutorials about advanced sales analytics and predictive sales intelligence.

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We wrote and are continuously updating this document to help our users get more out of their predictive sales software and to show potential customers how Qymatix could work for them. Partners and Developers also find this document useful to understand how our predictive sales analytics software works.

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This online document follows the main analytical tasks any great sales leader needs to perform. It includes getting insights, discovering low-hanging fruits using data mining and performance management. Qymatix solves your sales analytics challenge with one click. Identify your cross-selling opportunities and hot projects. Set the right priorities and focus on the most promising sales plans. Empower your sales team with the insights they need to be more successful.

This sales analytics guide includes some real-world examples that will help you to accelerate your learning experience using sales analytics. Qymatix is flexible, and upon request, we can configure our functions for your need. Navigate to the different sections of this document with the menu on the left or the blue arrows below.

Here is an overview of the topics covered in our documentation.

Account Types

Qymatix Plans

Qymatix Views

Connecting Data

Registering and Login

  • This online manual reflects the functionality of Qymatix Predictive Sales SaaS version 0.5.0. Variations may occur with more advanced versions of the tool.
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