Why B2B Wholesale & Industrial Distribution choose Qymatix Predictive Sales Software?

In B2B retail, many different stakeholders are often involved in the procurement process. For this reason, excellent customer service is critical. Qymatix offers companies in industrial distribution the possibility of efficient data-driven sales so that targeted customer service is easy and fast to implement.

The Qymatix experts have vast experience with companies in B2B Distribution & Industrial Retail. Our specialists understand you. We offer standardized software tools, which can be quickly adapted to the needs and products of your company (Software as a Service). With a low-risk implementation project you are soon good to go.

Your benefits:

Overview analysis

A fast and comprehensive overview of the analysis of your sales data.

Fastest Time-to-Value

Risk-free and fast implementation of the Qymatix software. No long projects.

Ensure an optimal price-performance ratio

With our standardized Qymatix product, there are no additional development costs for you. This means low total cost of ownership.

Challenges of B2B Wholesale & Industrial Distribution and how Qymatix Predictive Sales software helps them.

The need to manage delicate customer relationship under competitive pressure

Many companies in B2B Distribution & Industrial Retail only put a focus into their customer relationships when it is already too late. The customer has already switched vendors, and the bottom-line will suffer. Afterwards, salespeople try to play firefighters to put everything back in order.

Qymatix helps you to use your sales data more efficiently by giving warnings before it is too late. Your data is continuously analysed with the Qymatix Predictive Sales Software and gives you concrete recommendations for action regarding cross- and up-selling possibilities, lead scoring, pricing analytics and churn risks. Thus, your sales department has the chance to react proactively.

Stand up to competitive pressure with customer-specific pricing

Especially in B2B Distribution & Industrial Retail sector, there is a great deal of competitive pressure, while more vendors (also through e-commerce) are joining the ranks. Furthermore, due to reducing margins, B2B distributors are forced to provide customer-specific pricing.

With the predictive sales software from Qymatix, you are one step ahead of your competitors, because the software gives you warnings before something happens. For example, you will know up to six months in advance which customer might churn or which customer could pay a bit more. That gives you enough time to act proactively. And not only when it is already too late.

Automated Sales Processes and Reporting

No more time-consuming, self-created data queries via Excel or other spreadsheet programs. The algorithm of the Qymatix Predictive Sales Software analyses your data automatically in real-time.

No additional isolated application. Integrate the Qymatix Predictive Sales Software into your existing CRM or ERP and network your programs.

Some Features of Qymatix Predictive Sales software for B2B Wholesale & Industrial Distribution


Use Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to Predict B2B Cross-Sell and Upsell.

Read More about Cross-selling & Upselling Analytics

Customer Churn

Measure and reduce customer churn and attrition with predictive sales analytics.

Read More about Customer Churn Analytics

Pricing Analytics

Effectively control and optimise pricing management with Qymatix B2B Pricing Analytics Software.

Read More about Pricing Analytics

Ready to get started?

Find out how you can accelerate your sales with Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics.

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We are happy to help you. Qymatix is just a phone call away.

Qymatix Predictive Sales Software makes customer attrition risks and untapped sales opportunities over hundreds of customers and thousands of products easily accessible.”

Hermann Waselberger – AET Entwässerungstechnik GmbH

“Regardless of your company size, Qymatix is the best complement for your CRM system. Its predictive sales analytics tool helps sales leaders to focus on the projects with the best chances.”

Armin Harbrecht – aramido GmbH

“Qymatix is how innovation works today: developed together with the end users and with the most powerful technology.”

Dr. Peter Dern – software AG

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