How does the Predictive Sales ROI Calculator work?

The ROI Calculator estimates your potential Qymatix Predictive Sales Software Return on Investment (ROI) and provides information on the revenue growth and cost reductions you can expect from using our software.

The ROI calculator considers the most critical Qymatix value drivers. It calculates the expected improvement due to each of the primary predictive value drives (Churn Analytics, Cross-Selling, Pricing Analytics and KAM Productivity) using your specific input.

The benchmark values used are based on Qymatix’s external research and experience.

How to use the Predictive Sales ROI Calculator?

Introduce your annual revenue (in millions of €/$), your gross margin (in %), the number of Key Account Managers (KAMs) and the average yearly cost of each KAM (including salaries, bonuses, cars and other expenses).

The ROI calculator automatically fills in the expected increase in earnings and revenues for each value driver: Increases through cross-selling, reduced customer churn, improved pricing policy and KAM productivity. We have taken into account averages from previous projects.

Also, the ROI Calculator will show you an estimated ROI for the first year of use.

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