Wholesale and distribution business to business (B2B) companies have long been using Predictive analytics technologies. For example, Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics provides forecasts since 2013 on cross selling, customer loyalty and pricing policies. With the aim to increase customer lifetime value.


– What is predictive analytics in B2B sales?
– Five predictive analytics methods with examples
– What data is needed for predictive analytics?
– How do you get started with predictive analytics in sales?
– Predictive Sales Checklist

Who is this eBook for?

The eBook is interesting for all those who work in the B2B sector and want to learn more from their data. You may have already made some elaborate attempts to implement predictive sales analytics with Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Then you are in the right place. This eBook explains how intelligent algorithms create precise forecasts.
This eBook is a must-read for:

– Business Owners
– Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
– Sales Managers (strategic and operational)
– IT Executives and Managers
– Project Managers for business development or new technologies

Free eBook for download: How To Get Started With Predictive Sales Analytics – Methods, data and practical ideas

Predictive analytics is the technology that enables a look into the future. What data do you need? How do you get started with predictive analytics? What methods can you use?
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free eBook How to get startet with Predictive Analytics