What is Sales profitability

What is “return on sales” and how to improve it?

Businesses looking to increase growth may find themselves asking, “What is ‘return on sales’, why is it important and how to improve it?”. If you’re in this same position, you’re not alone.

As an important metric for business success, today we’ll answer these core questions and offer some advice on increasing return on sales in your organisation.

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Die Geschichte und Entwicklung der künstlichen Intelligenz

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This article outlines the key stages in the history of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) up to current applications.

You will also learn what role AI and ML play in today's B2B business processes and why they are essential for predictive analytics.

The history of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is marked by remarkable advances and groundbreaking discoveries. From the first theoretical concepts to today's applications in various fields, AI has become a fascinating and unstoppable field.
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Die Macht der Daten

B2B Predictive Analytics - Successful Data Management

How to make data work for your B2B sales team while avoiding common pitfalls in data management

We can associate power with strength, force and influence, but also with destruction and violence - the typical two sides of a coin.

Sayings like “data is the new oil” or “data is a valuable asset” are on everyone’s lips in the age of Big Data. These statements might hide a profound truth, nevertheless. If used rightly, data is worth its weight in gold for a company.

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Potential generative AI

How to use the Potential of Generative AI in B2B Business

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made fantastic progress in recent years and is increasingly influencing various aspects of our lives. But how to use it in the business world?

Even before ChatGPT, there were impressive generative AI models. For example, AI entered our everyday lives in 2011 with Apple's "Siri" launch. Also, in 2011, the computer program "Watson" beat human players in an American quiz show. Watson proved that it understands natural language and can answer complex questions quickly.

However, generative AI applications such as ChatGPT have influenced people's imaginations of what AI can do in a way other systems have not. That is probably due to its broad and straightforward applicability - almost anyone can use it to communicate and be creative.
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