AI: The Human Factor in B2B Sales

The Dance of Expectations and Realities when Implementing AI in B2B Sales.

In the sprawling landscape of B2B sales, where specialist wholesalers in Germany grapple with the dual pressures of an ever-evolving e-commerce market and the need for nuanced pricing strategies, the spotlight is now firmly on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The promise of predictive sales software and ERP AI solutions is tantalising. But as sales managers and executives venture into AI, they are caught in a delicate dance between expectations and realities. How can you position your expertise as a sales professional?

There are, of course, a few other challenges facing manufacturers and distributors today. For most of them, AI is both a blessing and a solution. However, managers sometimes fail to prioritise AI because of misplaced expectations. Why is this? What role do salespeople play?

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B2B Sales and Marketing Must Have Tools

Three B2B Sales and Marketing Must-Have Software Tools for an Optimal Sales Funnel

Navigating the technology jungle: Three B2B sales & marketing must-have software tools for a secure future.

There is a reason for the term "technology jungle". As a B2B company, it is often difficult to decide which tools for marketing and sales it should include in the software portfolio.

Artificial intelligence, in particular, offers new opportunities to harness the company's data. Many medium-sized B2B companies, such as wholesalers or manufacturers, have recognized this problem
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The Art of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Sales

AI in B2B sales: How exactly can B2B companies use Artificial Intelligence to support their sales?

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are very diverse. It is not without reason that big players such as Apple, Facebook, Google or Samsung pour billions in the development of new AI technologies.

The management consultancy KPMG estimates that global AI investments will increase from twelve billion US dollars (2018) to 232 billion by 2025.

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Most interesting thing about marketing and sales

The most interesting thing about marketing and sales in B2B

What sales was and will be in the future.

This article is a personal one. I have written about exciting facts in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing. I have also shared our thoughts about the sales of the future.

In this article, I would like to list my personal choice. What are the most interesting things about sales and marketing in B2B?

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How B2B Data Analytics is Changing Sales

How Big Data and Advanced Analytics Are Revolutionizing Sales in B2B, and What Managers Should Know About It.

B2B customer buying experience is radically changing. This trend has led to dramatic changes in the sales profession over the past decade.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change”, wrote Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in Frankenstein. Sales management in B2B is experiencing an abrupt and rapid transformation.

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