B2B Sales and Marketing Must Have Tools
Navigating the technology jungle: Three B2B sales & marketing must-have software tools for a secure future.

There is a reason for the term “technology jungle”. As a B2B company, it is often difficult to decide which tools for marketing and sales it should include in the software portfolio.

Artificial intelligence, in particular, offers new opportunities to harness the company’s data. Many medium-sized B2B companies, such as wholesalers or manufacturers, have recognized this problem

They’re sitting on a veritable treasure trove of data, and one phrase we hear repeatedly is, “we don’t use our data enough.”

So this post is about helpful marketing and sales tools that use AI and machine learning, among other things, to create an optimal marketing and sales funnel.

The three selected software tools complement each other and result in a comprehensive “marketing & sales software portfolio”.

1. Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing with HubSpot.

Hubspot is a company with “inbound marketing software”.

In particular, this platform allows you to support your “pull strategy” in marketing. Your customers – or potential customers, are not “bothered” by marketers but get the right help from you at the right time. You’ll increase traffic by increasing your visibility, be able to plan your campaigns and content carefully, and have your marketing analytics ready as an overview. These are just a few of HubSpot’s many helpful features.

We researched several companies that offer marketing automation software for this article. Ultimately, our decision came down to HubSpot as our recommendation. The reasons are that HubSpot provides good value for money in comparison, a free trial is available, and the company has been proven in the market since 2005.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Qualified B2B Leads: Echobot TARGET.

With HubSpot, you cover the whole “pull strategy” area in marketing well. That is, gaining new customers through good visibility and providing the correct information at the right time.

But the “push strategy” should not be underestimated in marketing and sales. A list of already pre-sorted qualified leads can be valuable for new customer acquisition. A proven German company called “Echobot” uses artificial intelligence to generate valuable B2B leads.

Echobot’s AI-based software “TARGET” promises targeted B2B sales opportunities in seconds.

You can also test “TARGET” free of charge at Echobot. Echobot is, according to our impression and research, compared to other lead generation tools, technically the strongest and delivers precise results. In addition, we should note that this is a company from Germany, more precisely, Karlsruhe – Baden-Württemberg.

3. “Next-Best-Action” for Existing Customer Relationship Management in B2B Sales: The Qymatix Predictive Sales Software.

With the two tools above, you have the areas of new customer acquisition well covered by the push and pull strategies and, thus, the first steps in the marketing and sales funnel.

Now you still need a tool for existing customer care. As you know, acquiring a new customer is about 5-10 times more expensive than keeping a customer. It is also worth investing in tools for effective and efficient customer retention.

Salespeople are valuable resources in the company, and every sales activity has its costs. Therefore, prioritizing customers and activities is essential.

Qymatix Predictive Sales software delivers accurate sales forecasts through machine learning algorithms, creating concrete “next-best actions” for the sales team.

You learn which customers are highly likely to churn, which customers have price optimization potential, and which cross-selling opportunities exist in your customer base.

With the predictive sales software from Qymatix, you are one step ahead of your competition and phrases like “we don’t use our data” are a thing of the past.

Qymatix has also been on the market since 2013 and helps B2B companies accelerate sales through AI. You can test the Qymatix software in a free “look and feel demo” using your data.


Three B2B Sales and Marketing Must-Have Tools for an Optimal Sales Funnel – Conclusion

HubSpot for the marketing “pull strategy”; Echobot for qualified lead generation and thus supporting the “push strategy” in marketing and sales; and Qymatix for existing customer care and AI-based customer retention.

This software portfolio covers all essential areas of marketing and sales and enables you to create a data-based marketing and sales funnel. You can combine all three software tools very well with each other and integrate them into larger database systems, such as an ERP or a CRM system.


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