AI: The Human Factor in B2B Sales

The Dance of Expectations and Realities when Implementing AI in B2B Sales.

In the sprawling landscape of B2B sales, where specialist wholesalers in Germany grapple with the dual pressures of an ever-evolving e-commerce market and the need for nuanced pricing strategies, the spotlight is now firmly on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The promise of predictive sales software and ERP AI solutions is tantalising. But as sales managers and executives venture into AI, they are caught in a delicate dance between expectations and realities. How can you position your expertise as a sales professional?

There are, of course, a few other challenges facing manufacturers and distributors today. For most of them, AI is both a blessing and a solution. However, managers sometimes fail to prioritise AI because of misplaced expectations. Why is this? What role do salespeople play?

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Top Problems in Wholesale Sales

The Top Challenges Facing the Wholesale Trade in Germany

What are the challenges faced by wholesalers in Germany from the point of view of their salespeople?

The wholesale trade in Germany is a vital sector of the economy, generating billions of euros in revenue per year. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of companies in wholesale trade (excluding trade in motor vehicles) in Germany has fallen continuously in recent times, most recently to around 135,000 in 2020. Turnover in wholesale trade also dropped this year to approximately 1.24 trillion euros.

SMEs represent around 99 % of all companies in wholesale in Germany. Among them, speciality wholesaling, also called specialist wholesaling, focuses on a specific product group and does not offer a wide range of products, as with assortment wholesaling.
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Qymatix Academy B2B Vertrieb der Zukunft - Einfluss der Digitalisierung

The Future of B2B Sales - How Digitalisation influences Sales


High-quality technology and predictive sales software are the future of B2B sales. In the next five years, more and more companies will change the way they work through digitalisation and the use of new sales analytics software.

Digitisation that is customised to businesses is now part of the foundation of every company and lays the groundwork for success.
If you are interested in the impact and influence of digitalisation in B2B sales, then register for the following course: "B2B Sales of the Future - Influence of Digitalisation".

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Artificial intelligence in B2B Sales. New Challenges – New Opportunities.

One interesting read about the use of artificial intelligence in B2B sales.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining relevance in Business-to-Business (B2B) sales. Research shows that investment in the development and integration of AI and, in particular, machine learning, technology is continuing to rise.

More money pours today into AI enterprise projects than ever before. Companies should try to avoid vagueness and lack of focus on their aims and expectations, to prevent the costly failure of their AI developments – too often a cause of failure.

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