How to automate Forecasting Processes in B2B Sales Controlling

How to Successfully Automate Forecasting Processes in B2B Sales Controlling?

Properly applied, forecasts in sales controlling are essential for B2B companies. Nevertheless, they often fail. This article discusses why they fail and how you can use predictions successfully.

Next to reporting, forecasts are one of the main tasks in B2B controlling. Some B2B companies waste valuable resources on forecasting processes, which are not used as they should be.

If you have landed in this article, you have already realised the benefits of successfully deployed sales forecasts. Feel free to check out this article if you need to be made aware of its benefits.
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Your Sales Role Defines your Customer Analysis Needs

Tell us what your function is and we will tell you what kind of sales analysis you need.

Sales Manager

Your role is critical to the success of your business, but it is typically one of the least understood roles within a sales structure. Sales Managers play strictly a management and not a “super-salesperson” role and are responsible for critical decisions of hiring, coaching, controlling how your sales team performs, while engaging also in other strategic areas of their business.

In this role, you still need to help your sales team to spot opportunities with existing B2B customers.

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How Predictive Sales is Transforming the KPIs You Must Be Measuring

A straightforward question: is your sales team using the same sales performance KPI they did five years ago? If your answer is yes, you better watch out, you might not be using the right KPIs.


Of course, sales per quarter and sales quota attainment are still sensible KPIs to measure. However, total revenues or sales vs quota are lagging indicators. They are “slow KPIs” in the nowadays dynamics B2B sales world. They come way too late.

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