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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything”. Sales plans and lead management are critical to the success of your team and organisation.

As a sales leader, you probably cannot change the way your customers buy, but you can undoubtedly influence the way your team works.

The Qymatix Sales Analytics Software provides you with three tabs in this view: pipeline, List of Opportunities, and analytics.

The skyrocketing costs of chasing an opportunity means sales leaders should be able to answer some of these questions:


How does our pipeline (or sales funnel) look today?
How long is our Average Deal Lifetime, and what can we do to reduce it?
What is our close ratio, and how can we improve it?
Which projects or deals in our pipeline have better chances of succeeding?


What is a sales pipeline?

The collection of your open sales opportunities is called a sales funnel or a pipeline. Managing a sales funnel is a critical operative sales planning job.

A sales leader needs three things to perform this job effectively:

an overview of the general status of the sales funnel or pipeline; second,
a list of each plan or opportunity with details;
and lastly, a set of Key Performance Indicators about the status of the sales pipeline.


We structured the Qymatix Sales Plans view in precisely that way. Here the user has access to a sales plans analytics view, a list of sales plans and opportunities, and a pipeline overview, where she can manage her sales plans per drag-and-drop. There are detailed views of each opportunity, where you can find sales activities and remainders related to each deal.

With the plan analytics view, sales leaders should be able to answer questions such as: how many projects do we have? In which stage are they? What is the potential in euros?

Qymatix Expert Tip: To improve the performance of your sales team, focus on the sales plans and activities with better chances of success.


  • This online manual reflects the functionality of Qymatix Predictive Sales SaaS version 0.5.0. Variations may occur with more advanced versions of the tool.
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