Sales management also needs to drill down quickly and efficiently into the depth of the analysis. Why do certain products not work for specific sales reps? Why are certain manufacturers more successful with customer groups than with others?

Such analyses require enormous flexibility in the evaluations. Without having to provide predefined data, Qymatix Reporting Software can provide you with this data at the push of a button.

– Sales and unit analysis down to customer or item level
– Any combination of analysis parameters
– Ranking lists for all parameters such as customers, articles, and manufacturers.
– Comparison with the previous year or any other period
– Analyses of target achievement

Qymatix Expert Tip: Ranking is a common way to prioritize accounts and products. It does not replace a sales forecast using predictive analytics.

In the ranking view list, you can access the most common list per customer or products. If you have created ABC categories, you can also access them here. And if you added a minimum sales or revenues trend in the extras section, you would also see it also indicated in this list.