Predicting Pricing | Preispolitik mit KI

How to Improve your Pricing Policy with AI – Predicting Pricing


Most companies in the B2B sector have so far adjusted their prices based on factors such as production costs, competitive prices and supply and demand.

Especially in the current situation, both wholesalers and manufacturers are struggling with rising raw material prices. How can you pass on such a price increase without losing all your customers?

Dynamic pricing through AI-based predictive analytics, acts on a pricing strategy where companies can additionally adjust their prices for products and services based on the current customer and market situation. Thus, it is possible to make individual price adjustments per customer and product.

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History and downfall of german wholesale company

The History and Downfall of a German Wholesale Company "Wollschläger" - Part 2


It continues with part 2 of the story and the downfall of the wholesale company "Wollschläger". What can wholesale companies learn from this? If you have not read part 1 yet, click here.

If acquiring an entire company (Essener Arbeitsschutz GmbH in 2007) was not a complex project already, the introduction of SAP (ERP, EWM, PI and BI) followed in 2009. In the same year, Haberstock left Hamburg for the headquarters in Bochum to work in controlling and in the e-procurement business area, under the name of fuxx4trade.

The Wollschläger Group now had 12 branches throughout Germany and employed over 600 people, including 130 sales field experts.

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