Where is Predictive Analytics used?

Surprising ways predictive analytics is used.

Predictive analytics isn’t new. In fact, there’s a very old story about target loyalty and number crunching that’s now the stuff of textbooks. The possibilities offered by AI models have also improved predictive analytics, with the result that this technology is now widely reported on.

Today we take a look at the surprising ways in which predictive analytics is being used and influencing our everyday lives and the economy.

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Level Up! How AI Upgrades B2B Sales Processes.

Perhaps you know the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. But do you take it into account in your daily work in sales? In this article, I show you how to upgrade your sales processes from effective to efficient to avoid "game over" in the next few fiscal years

Sales people often reach their goal - the sale of one or more products - even without technical support. However, high costs are usually incurred along the way. For example, through superfluous contact attempts, customers who leave the company, or unrealized price potential.

This fact provides a terrific example of the distinction between effectiveness and efficiency.

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