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Automate personalisation and pricing processes in B2B using Qymatix B2B Pricing Analytics Software.

How does Pricing Analytics with Qymatix Software work?

The development and implementation of pricing strategies is by far the most effective lever for earnings improvement in Business-to-Business. Do not underestimate the importance of early discovering where to focus your Key Account Management attention.

Using several advanced predictive analytics functions and sales data visualization, Qymatix Pricing Analytics Software makes price intelligence per product easy to analyse and to understand. Once you selected the products or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to inspect, you can analyse at the customer level to access details about its specific buying behaviour.

When a company has thousands of products and customers, pricing analytics becomes a significant challenge. Qymatix Pricing Analytics Software provides a sales manager advanced B2B pricing analytics functions, including customer classifications and pricing corridor analytics.

Highlighted features of B2B Pricing Analytics with Qymatix Software

Customer classifications based on pricing policy & estimation of improved revenues due to pricing

With Qymatix Pricing Software, sales managers can easily compare pricing strategies and consistently execute a company’s pricing policy. They quickly identify non-optimal prices and prevent different pricing strategies from conflicting in the long term.

Using Qymatix Pricing Software and in one click, you can understand and analyse price, versus sales volume and comparable margin for each customer, together with the expected impact of improved pricing policies.

Price corridor analysis at product or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and customer level

Never underestimate the importance of pricing. By far, the most effective lever for earnings improvement is strength in the development and implementation of pricing strategies.

With our CRM ERP Integration for Artificial Intelligence, you can understand the position of each customer within your pricing strategies. Besides, we can present you with a detailed pricing corridor for each product.

We will help you to understand problematic pricing situations. With the help of our pricing analysis, you will be able to act immediately. Modify identifiable weaknesses with targeted adjustments in your price strategy.
Qymatix Predictive Sales Software

Early alarms of conflicting pricing policies with low margin

Understanding and analysing sales data is crucial to the success of any B2B organization, particularly those focused on sales growth and customer lifetime value.

Once you have identified a problematic pricing situation using Qymatix Pricing Analytics, it is important that you act immediately. View your pricing policy and salespeople as one unit. Define new pricing policies. Modify identifiable weaknesses with targeted adjustments in your price strategy.


Why Pricing Analytics with Qymatix Software?

1. Visualise products and customers based on price.
2. Discover early conflicting pricing practices.
3. Focus on the price negotiations with higher impact.