The Future of B2B Wholesale: Predictive Analytics and ERP Data Mining

  AI-based predictive sales analytics and ERP data mining: technologies that help wholesale distributors increase margins, stay competitive, and reduce costs. B2B wholesalers face the challenge of keeping up with current market dynamics and…

b2b sales strategies

How To Accelerate B2B Sales Growth With One Proven Strategy

Revenue stagnation is a nightmare most managers are scared to dream. If a market is growing in line with the economy and income stagnates, then market share is approximately contracting, and a company is becoming irrelevant. No manager wants that.

ERP Data Mining im B2B Großhandel

Data Mining ERP in B2B Wholesale & Distribution

  B2B sales managers and managing directors of specialised wholesalers in Germany face many challenges in today's competitive business environment. The rise of e-commerce has made it necessary for wholesale distributors to leverage data…

Kundenanalyse: Verstehen Sie das Kaufverhalten Ihrer Kunden?

Predictive Sales Analytics: Can you anticipate your customers’ journey?

Nowadays, new technologies enable a highly detailed understanding of the way customers buy, fancily known as “digital customer journey”. They also allow a cost-effective application of predictive analytics in Business-to-Business (B2B) sales.

The Art of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Sales

AI in B2B sales: How exactly can B2B companies use Artificial Intelligence to support their sales? The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are very diverse. It is not without reason that big players such as Apple, Facebook, Google or…

Predictive Sales Analytics Excell

Predictive Sales Analytics in Excel? Yes, you could!

How to do predictive analysis in Excel: One Useful Example of Predictive Sales Analytics & Predictive Modeling in Excel One of the critical tasks of a sales manager is to timely identify which opportunities have better chances of closing and…

Warenkorbanalyse Excel mit einem apriori Algorithmus

Market Basket Analysis in Excel – Example for Cross-Selling in B2B

  One Useful Example of Predictive Sales Analytics Using Excel Cross-selling is the practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Indeed, B2B companies define cross-selling in general and cross-selling…

Die Macht der Daten

B2B Predictive Analytics – Successful Data Management

How to make data work for your B2B sales team while avoiding common pitfalls in data management We can associate power with strength, force and influence, but also with destruction and violence - the typical two sides of a coin. Sayings like “data…

Wie wird Vertrieb in 50 Jahren funktionieren – Blick in die Zukunft

What type of B2B sales will still exist in 50 years?

Will sales jobs still exist in fifty years from now? Will robots take over all sales jobs? How will artificial intelligence redefine sales management? What long-term influence does digitisation have on B2B sales? To discuss the future of sales,…

All About ERP Data Mining for Sales

Data Mining in ERP for Sales – All About It!

ERP Data Mining: what we learnt from analysing 100 million of B2B sales transactions. Data mining is the application of a varied assortment of statistical techniques to ERP datasets. Companies nowadays use data mining to predict outcomes, identify…