Author: Lucas Pedretti

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Forecasting individual Customer Lifetime: Why you should not use external data

There are two types of historical data to use for predictive analytics and sales forecasting: internal and external data. How to know which one to choose?

Making a forecast always requires planning under conditions of uncertainty. Successful sales executives plan and execute an accurate sales forecast using data. For an aggregated, precise sales plan, it is necessary to consider forecasting the individual customer lifetime of the client base.

There are different data sources that executives can use to forecast sales. Some of them count for internal, some for external factors.


Predictive Analytics in B2B: 3 Ideen für Vertriebsleiter

Are you a sales manager with Big Data? Here are three Predictive Analytics examples for B2B

With predictive analytics, big data becomes a big opportunity for B2B sales managers. This significant opportunity requires, however, a profound understanding of the sales situation, coupled with an understanding of big data mining models available.



Preiskorridor mir Excell

How to make a price corridor analysis in excel in three simple steps

This article describes a step-by-step introduction to price corridor analysis with Excel.

You will learn the meaning of a price corridor and how to create a price corridor from a list of sales transactions in your ERP system.

Let us disclosure that our software uses AI-based data mining methods to present a B2B pricing strategy to Key Account Managers. Based on these data mining algorithms and techniques, we would like to discuss how any sales representative can create a price corridor for predictive analysis using Excel.



Four Dangerous Signs That You Will Miss Your Sales Targets This Year

With a growth of 10.8 %, the year 2010 looked optimistic for the German media market, compared with 2008 and 2009. The improvement included online marketing, free magazines and trade journals, amongst others. Everyone was betting on an active recovery for the key market players.

However, on January 18, 2011, the second biggest European print service providers, Schlott Gruppe AG from Germany, opened insolvency proceedings.


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Why Algorithms Are The Future Of Sales Success

We put our lives in the hands of autopilots regularly. When are we trusting AI with our customer relationships?

Lawrence Sperry was the third son of Elmer Sperry, one of America’s most prolific inventors. Elmer filed 400 individual patents, more than twice the amount of Thomas Alva Edison. Father and son together not only invented together, but they also manufactured and sold their inventions through their companies too.

Lawrence invented the autopilot. He took one of his father’s most famous inventions, the gyrocompass, and developed an automatic flight control system.