The Future of B2B Wholesale: Predictive Sales Analytics Applications – Opportunities and Challenges

  B2B wholesale is experiencing profound change, driven by technological advances and changing customer needs. In this dynamic environment, the correct use of data is becoming a decisive success factor. Predictive sales analytics…

Predictive Sales Analytics B2B

Why is Predictive Sales Analytics a “Must-Have” to Increase Sales Productivity in Business-to-Business?

Predictive Sales Analytics is a Game-Changer in B2B. Productivity in business-to-business (B2B) sales is simply defined as the output rate of a sales team, considering all direct costs and performance. Two trends that are drastically affecting…

How to set more realistic targets using predictive analytics

How to Set More-Realistic Sales Targets using Historical Data

How to set more-realistic sales targets using historical data and Predictive Analytics. To replace the legendary Jack Welch as CEO, the General Electric (GE) Board had selected Jeffrey Immelt in November 2000. As he took the reins, Immelt set an…

What Artificial Intelligence can do

What artificial intelligence can and can´t do

For years, artificial intelligence has fluctuated between the terms "Terminator", "technology of the future", or "new superpower", and "doesn't work", "is disappointing", or "no confidence". It is not surprising that there have repeatedly been…

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How To Accelerate B2B Sales Growth With One Proven Strategy

Revenue stagnation is a nightmare most managers are scared to dream. If a market is growing in line with the economy and income stagnates, then market share is approximately contracting, and a company is becoming irrelevant. No manager wants that.

Kundenanalyse: Verstehen Sie das Kaufverhalten Ihrer Kunden?

Predictive Sales Analytics: Can you anticipate your customers’ journey?

Nowadays, new technologies enable a highly detailed understanding of the way customers buy, fancily known as “digital customer journey”. They also allow a cost-effective application of predictive analytics in Business-to-Business (B2B) sales.

Künstliche Intelligenz Software Entwicklungskosten

Artificial Intelligence Software Development: The True Costs.

  The question is no longer "if" a B2B company will implement artificial intelligence (AI), but "how". AI tools enable more efficient work in many areas. B2B sales is no exception. Artificial Intelligence Sales Software saves time, stress and…

Business Intelligence und künstliche Intelligenz

Artificial Intelligence vs Business Intelligence – What is really self-service business analytics?

The difference between Business Intelligence (BI) and Self-Service BI and why Qymatix Predcitive Sales Software is not a traditional Self-Service BI solution. 2018 said Carlie J. Idoine, Research Director at Gartner: "The trend of digitalization is…

5 Ways AI and Machine Learning are Revolutionizing Sales

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning revolutionize B2B Sales & Marketing Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in sales are not dreams of the future. According to Gartner, 30% of all B2B companies will already use AI next year…

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Forecasting Individual Customer Lifetime Value: Why You Should Not Use External Data

There are two types of historical data to use for predictive analytics and sales forecasting: internal and external data. How to know which one to choose? Making a forecast always requires planning under conditions of uncertainty. Successful sales…