Machine learning for sales planning

Machine learning holds the key to a tremendous improvement in sales efficiency. It enables computers to act without being explicitly programmed. Qymatix is developing the most effective machine learning techniques for sales intelligence and planning using ERP and CRM data. Qymatix is applying unsupervised machine learning principles, an advanced type of machine learning. Our software uses these principles for innovative data analysis, data clustering, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition in ERP sales data.

Big Data for Sales Leaders

Sales leaders and key account managers in Business-to-Business (B2B) face an ever-increasing volume amount of data, rapidly changing customer behaviours, increased competitive pressures and extreme data complexity. This situation generates enormous challenges, but also significant business opportunities.

Qymatix helps sales leaders to mine value in their ERP sales data through an easy and intuitive user experience based on reliable and innovative web technologies. The Qymatix predictive sales analytics software uses specific big data software architecture principles, combined with an easy to understand data visualisation. This innovative technology improves the user experience of sales managers without compromising software performance.

Artificial Intelligence for business success

Qymatix leverages artificial intelligence to automate sales planning and sales analytics. This enables Sales leaders to adopt a more systematic and digitalized sales management approach and to support their sales process and teams. In addition, the application of Artificial intelligence reduces the length of the sales cycle, the cost of new customer acquisition and increases the amount of revenue each of the current customers brings.

Automated Cloud Sales Analytics

Cloud Computing enables Qymatix to offer you the most effective infrastructure, without compromising security and data integrity.

You have ERP or CRM sales data but don’t have the resources for an expensive IT project or data analyst. You need to access your sales dashboards and analysis everywhere at any time. Qymatix provides you with a robust Software-as-a-Service solution for predictive sales analytics.

It was designed with you in mind

Before we wrote code, we were sales managers. We know what you need. To improve your user experience, Qymatix applies research from cognitive neurobiology and cognitive psychology. If you need to access deep sales insights, Qymatix is the easiest answer.

We know what power means

Not only easy to use, Qymatix sales analytics is also powerful. With the help of algorithms of artificial intelligence, Qymatix can manipulate and mine large amounts of ERP and CRM data to gain deep sales insights. Furthermore, due to the solution architecture, Qymatix can cope with the ever-increasing amounts of sales data, without significantly compromising performance.

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