Sales managers in B2B can dig their ERP sales data for valuable insights

Start with your existing data. The most common and more useful data a sales manager possess is her Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sales data, together with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. From these two sets of data, there are several valuable insights a sales manager can discover. For example, by digging in the CRM and ERP data, Qymatix can identify sales trends, unfulfilled sales potential, and churn risk (or customer attrition).

The overall goal of this data mining process is to extract relevant information from both ERP and CRM data sets and transform it into understandable data visualisation.

Not all data visualisations are the same. One of the main risks facing sales leaders in B2B is overloading their sales team with dashboards and non-actionable data visualisation.
For a data mining technique based on ERP and CRM data sets to be beneficial, it has to present the sales force with specific sales analytics results, not with analytical methods. The most efficient data mining techniques deliver as few key performance indicators (KPI) as possible.

With Qymatix Analytical Services, we put our Software and Expertise to work for you. In less than a week, we present you the most relevant predictive analytics models and sales data mining methods for your specific challenge. We will diagnose the quality of your sales data and offer you valuable insights to steer your sales efforts in the direction of higher ROI.