Agile selling in B2B


Nowadays, Small and Medium Enterprises in B2B need to improve their returns on sales investments. They need to capitalize on emerging trends and predictive sales analytics to create a more dynamic sales fitness that will grow revenue faster. In addition, they need to renovate their traditional sales approach to meet the needs of an always-connected customer who expects to be sold to in completely different ways. In short, they need to adopt an agile selling approach. At its core, agile selling is about:

• Modeling the sales experience to continuously predict customer behavior

• Streamlining the buying process by using predictive analytics to gain customer insights

• Strategically aligning working sales spend with an intense focus on ROI to power profitable growth

• Investing in price strategy adoption and deal level governance

The case for agile selling has never been stronger. Last years’ research and experience have shown that an agile selling approach can be a primary source sustainable growth. It can also produce significant improvements in sales force performance. However, most companies have not adopted agile selling principles that are now required. In some cases, the lack of action is due to Sales Managers refusal to let go of the traditional selling approaches they have developed over the years.

In other cases, sales managers have not materialized the value of agile selling because they simply ignore where to invest.

Successful predictive analytics rollouts suggest that tremendous opportunities exist for those companies willing to throw out their old playbook in favor of new sales paradigms.

GründerGrillen Karlsruhe Qymatix

Qymatix celebrated 2 years hosting GründerGrillen Karlsruhe


With the support of the Technologie Fabrik and the Center for Innovation und Entrepreneurship of the KIT, Qymatix Solutions GmbH celebrated its second anniversary co-hosting the Karlsruhe Founders Grill.

Karlsruhe, 22.10.2015. Qymatix celebrated last week its second anniversary, together with partners, customers, and friends. In this way, Qymatix Solutions GmbH has closed a fantastic second year.

Attendees to the Karlsruhe Founders Grill enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere a nice evening with several entrepreneurship presentations. In addition, the Qymatix team was pleased to see more than 200 people that showed up in a special tent prepared by our co-host, the Technologie Fabrik.

Ahead of the event, the Center for Innovation und Entrepreneurship of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology organized an entrepreneur talk with Prof. Götz W. Werner, founder and supervisory board of DM.

Karlsruhe is developing a thriving start-up scene and after two years, Qymatix is a good representative of it.

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    Alexander Fauck from Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe



Internship in Software Development


Lucas Pedretti: We continue with our series of associate interviews. This time, we would like to introduce our colleague Michael Sivo.

LP: Tell us about you.
My name is Michael Sivo. I am 22 Years old. I am French and I am studying general Engineering at École D’ingénieurs Généralistes (ECAM) Strasbourg. I love new technologies, innovation in general, cars and video games. Before joining Qymatix, I had been working on web development using JavaScript and Python.

LP: Why did you chose general Engineering?
During my high school time, I was not sure about the kind of career path I wanted to follow. I think I was average in almost every subject. However, I soon find out that and I enjoyed a lot programming. It was easy for me to understand how the programming language works while attending C programming courses at the school.


Kennzahlengesteuerte Vertriebsoptimierung

Sales Analytics as basis for Sales Coaching


As a sales leader, you need to improve your sales reps performance. Coaching is probably the number one sales activity that impacts your team performance. In two days, we will present you the most important data mining methods for Predictive Sales Analytics and how these can be applied for Sales Coaching. We analyze together your existing sales data and sales processes. Qymatix will work with you to interpret the results and make suggestions for corrective actions.

Qymatix sales analytics training helps you to get the most out of Predictive Sales Analytics. Developed together with our partners, this training will help you to become a sales analyst expert.

Our target group is sales leaders, sales controllers, and senior management. We use a combination of theory, questionnaires, practical examples, and discussion to develop together the best KPI-driven sales optimization for your company.

Sales Analytics On Premises Training

Our two-day classroom training brings to you the most effective way to learn, with live in-person training led by a certified Qymatix expert. By attending one of our Classroom Training or by organizing one in your company, you will be able to get the most out of Predictive Sales Analytics. During this training, you will discuss and learn:

• Predictive Sales Analytics
• Knowledge Discovery in Databases
• Sales Forecasting using data
• Cost Benefits Analysis – ROI
• Evaluation & Deployment of Sales Analytics


Sales Analytics Virtual Counsulting

Attend a hands-on instructor-led training via the web. It is an easy and convenient way of learning how to improve your sales more using sales analytics. You can choose a date and time that works best for your schedule. Qymatix virtual training is available several times a year.

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