Predictive Analytics in Sales: 5 Ways it Can Power Yours to Success today

Five practical examples of Predictive Analytics that will make your sales team successful.

Getting an edge in today’s competitive market place is vital. For B2B companies, possessing the tools to explore customer behaviour and prioritise leads not only aids productivity but helps boost that all-important bottom line.

Predictive sales analytics has come a long way in the last decade. It is now far more accessible to businesses in traditional industries. For many, it’s a powerful tool in helping to support sales and operations planning.

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Predictive Analytics - was es ist und wie man startet

Predictive Analytics in B2B Sales - What it is and how to get Started

Predictive analytics technologies are becoming increasingly popular and are already being used today, especially by wholesalers and manufacturers in business-to-business (B2B) sales.

Perhaps you have already made some elaborate attempts to implement predictive sales analytics with Excel or other spreadsheet programmes. Then you've come to the right place.

Predictive Sales Analytics is a modern technology to look into the future of your sales. Using machine learning methods, Predictive Sales Analytics allows you to make accurate sales forecasts: Customer churn forecasts, cross-selling forecasts and dynamic pricing.

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KI-basierte Vertriebsprognosen

Why AI-based B2B Sales Forecasting is Important and Still Fails

Do you want to realize your potential in B2B sales and be more successful than the competition? Accurate AI-based b2b sales forecasting is an insider's tip - right?

To help you understand what you should know primarily about b2b sales forecasting, I will quote Editor-in-Chief Michael Gilliland, who has published several articles in "The International Journal of Applied Forecasting."

"Our forecasts are never as accurate as we would like them to be or as they should be. The result is a great urge to throw money at the problem in the hope that the problem will go away. There are many consultants and software vendors out there who will scoop up the money in exchange for promises to improve forecast quality, but those promises still need to be fulfilled. Many organizations, perhaps including yours, have spent thousands or even millions of dollars on the forecasting problem, only to end up back with the same lousy forecast."

Sounds very motivating. The quote does not mean to be an introduction to an anti-forecast article, but it reflects the reality in many companies.

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Define and reduce customer attrition in the subscription industry

What is customer attrition in the subscription industry?

What is an average churn rate? B2B companies can expect an average annual customer churn rate of around 11%, a recent study found.

This cancellation rate fluctuates between countries and industries. Customer attrition can represent a 24 % average in office supplies, 16 % in the insurance industry and 13 % in banking.

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Predictive Sales Analytics Fragen Vertrieb

Predictive Sales Forecasting: Answers to 5 Questions of Salespeople

Why should we use predictive sales forecasts in sales? This article is aimed at anyone thinking of using AI for more efficient sales planning and sales management.

Every Saturday morning, Mr. Meier visits the magazine store around the corner to buy the weekend edition of his favourite newspaper. This has been going on for half a year now. The saleswoman knows Mr. Meier by now, and because he stops by every Saturday, she always addresses him with the same question as soon as he enters her store: "Good afternoon, Mr. Meier! The weekend edition, as usual?"

For Mr. Meier, buying his newspaper on the weekend has become a ritual. It's a pattern that repeats itself every week. The saleswoman has recognized this pattern and addresses Mr. Meier about it, almost automatically.

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Lead management top, customer management flop?

How can your B2B sales team take fact-based decisions faster using your CRM and ERP data?

B2b companies are investing in modern lead management. The focus is on the online channel.

Modern lead management with a well-thought-out lead strategy, consistent lead evaluation and prioritisation and powerful tools ensures that marketing resources are used efficiently and effectively in marketing.

What happens once leads have become customers?
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How to improve margins in b2b

How to Drastically Improve Margins in Industrial Distribution with a Predictive Sales Software

Predictive Sales Analytics helps increase customer lifetime value in B2B distribution.

New customer behaviour and innovative technologies are having an impact on wholesale and distribution businesses worldwide. Manufacturers looking for more efficiency and customers demanding omnichannel experiences at the lowest price push companies to their limits.

The addition of these disruptive forces, partially enabled by new technologies, means substantial margin pressures.

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Predictive Analytics & Controlling - How to use it in B2B Sales

How the sales analytics tools you use impact your sales controlling.

Controlling sales in B2B is increasingly becoming a high-tech game. Since selling cycles in business-to-business are getting longer and sales is getting more expensive, controlling need to look further into the future.

Machine learning, a well-known example of weak artificial intelligence, represents a fantastic opportunity for improvement in B2B sales controlling and business intelligence. It enriches the world of sales analytics with a substantial competitive advantage.

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Sales Reporting Software

What You Need from Sales Reporting Software Today

Sales Reporting Software: a critical tool for efficient sales management and control in B2B.

Reporting sales has become a fact-of-life for B2B sales managers. Selecting a sales reporting software can make or break any sales operations. Companies can no longer underestimate its importance.

The sales reporting should include the most critical key performance indicators (KPI) of the sales force. You should reduce the number of KPI to the minimum possible.

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Sales Acceleration mit Qymatix Predictive Analytics Software

Qymatix Selected for the Official German Accelerator Program

Qymatix is helping business get ahead with predictive sales and artificial intelligence.

Karlsruhe, 28.10.2020. The German Accelerator has selected Qymatix Solutions GmbH for its namesake program. Some well-know startups that took part in the accelerator are: Celonis, Data Virtuality, BrandMaker, Shopgate, and N26.

The Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) supports the German Accelerator and chooses companies with high international growth potential.

The aim of this program is to support promising start-ups to enter international markets. A faster and easier entry in new markets is a great chance for fast business development.

Qymatix Solutions GmbH has now access to the wide network, partners and investors of the German Accelerator.

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