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How does Qymatix Sales Planning Software work?

Qymatix is a pioneer in predictive sales analytics and a leading provider in this segment of sales acceleration tools. Qymatix helps B2B companies transform data into actionable insights that enable profitable growth.

Using Qymatix AI-based Predictive Sales Software, sales leaders can now analyse and strength their pricing strategies, find cross-selling opportunities, predict customer churn and rapidly expand the sales planning capabilities of their legacy CRM and ERP systems.

With Qymatix, sales leaders can increase the productivity of a B2B sales team by approximately 20%, while growing the lifetime value within their existing customer base.

Highlighted features of Qymatix Sales Planning Software

Sales Planning with Predictive Analytics

Sales leaders can hardly change the way their customers buy, but they can certainly influence the way their team works. Sales planning and opportunity management are critical to the success of any sales team.

The skyrocketing costs of chasing an opportunity in B2B means sales leaders should be able to select the projects and leads in their pipeline with better chances of succeeding. The likelihood of closing a new deal depends on several factors, such as how old an opportunity is vs the Average Deal Lifetime, the volume, the region, the customer and others.

Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics takes all these factors and provides an intuitive visual signal. Together with automated alarms and advanced sales analytics, this feature offers the Key Account Managers with the information they need to win.

How does your sales funnel look today?

Managing a sales funnel is a critical operative sales planning job. To effectively perform this job, Qymatix provides a sales leader with three key views.

First, an overview of the general status of the sales funnel or project pipeline. Second, a time-frame or schedule on the main actions the sales team is working on. Third, a list of each sales plan with details. Key Account Managers can select three different closing probabilities or chances, instead of the classic, but highly error-prone zero to hundred per cent. Sales leaders can, in turn, decide whether to continue chasing an opportunity, to gather more information or to stop altogether.

Continuously reviewing the sales pipeline enables a sales manager to interact with a high performing sales team more efficiently. Qymatix makes it possible.

Identify your hot projects in one click. Focus on the sales plans and activities with better chances of success.

Pipeline Key Indicators

The sales metrics a sales leader use are a key driver of the sales force behaviour. Qymatix brings the KPIs a successful sales leader needs to measure the effectiveness of sales plans and opportunities.

Qymatix Sales Plans view is incredibly simple to use. Sales leaders get a list of the most relevant KPIs, together with a calendar view of the activities of each Key Account Manager and a list of sales plans and opportunities.

Vertriebsplanungs Software mit Predictive Analytics: Das Geheimnis

In the pipeline analytics view, sales leaders can see the number of deals in their funnel or pipeline, the average size of a deal, their close ratio, and their lifetime. With this information, sales leaders should be able to answer questions such as: how many projects do we have? In which stage are they? What is the potential in euros?

Using machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, Qymatix scores the open sales opportunities to find those with higher chances of closing, enabling sales leaders to take the appropriate measures quickly.

Let machine learning help your team to achieve their goals and sell more.

Set the right Priorities

Sales leaders need clear information about their sales cycle and its length to give specific guidance to their salespeople. Information about the opportunities with higher chances of closing represents a tremendous insight into sales planning and forecasting.

Qymatix helps Key Account Managers to focus on a limited number of customers with higher chances of closing a deal (or at risk of churning). This emphasis allows sales leaders and salespeople to address any issues before competitors find out.

Sales planning based on deep insights

Qymatix analyses ERP sales transactions and CRM activities and then presents sales leaders the insights they need. This helps a sales team to find hidden opportunities and sell more. For example, using cross- and up-selling potential analysis, Qymatix provides a list of customers based on its buying potential.

Once a sales planning process becomes evident, a B2B sales team can implement a predictable sales pipeline and revenue stream. Sales leaders using Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics improve forecast accuracy by comparing the aggregate of opportunity values entered by account executives against their goals and the predicted scores.

Invest your time wisely and pay attention to those accounts that can yield the best results.

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