How to Realise Sales Potential with Cross- & Up-Selling in B2B Sales.

Onlinekurs Predicting Cross- & Up-Selling

Cross-selling (also known as cross-selling) the sale of an additional product or service to an existing customer. Targeted and individually adapted to the needs of the customer, cross-selling increases customer satisfaction and is a service-oriented way to increase turnover.

“Cross-selling” offers a possibility to use internal synergy potentials and to open up rapid, attractive growth opportunities.

Have you already thought about how you can best implement cross-selling in your company?

The Qymatix online course on “Predicting Cross- & Up-Selling” – explains what cross-selling means and what opportunities it offers a company.

This course is particularly suitable for

– B2B sales specialists: strategic and operational sales managers, field and office sales representatives, key account managers and sales managers.
– Managing directors or managers of medium-sized B2B companies.

This is what you can expect in the course:

The following content will be discussed in four 10 – 15 minute videos:

– What is cross-selling?
– How to find cross-selling opportunities – common methods.
– How to use cross-selling opportunities in b2b sales.
– Discovering cross-selling potential with Excel.

After each video, four to five quiz questions await you to help you internalise what you have learned. After successfully completing the last video and quiz, you can download your certificate.

For each chapter you will receive a script that summarises the content of what you have learned and can be used as a supplement to the videos.


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Further information about the course:

The course “Predicting Cross- & Up-Selling” costs 39 € once, whereby the first lesson of the course is available for a free trial.

If you are interested in more than one course, then the bundle option would be suitable for you: for a one-time fee of 79 € you get access to all our course offerings.

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Qymatix is your autopilot for B2B sales. Since 2013, Qymatix has been helping B2B companies act data-driven in sales to enable profitable growth. Qymatix Solutions GmbH is a pioneer in its field. Qymatix’s Predictive Sales Analytics Software, awarded as “AI Champion 2021 BW”, provides actionable sales forecasts regarding revenue, cross-selling, churn risk and price level for traditional and digital channels.

The predictive sales software enables business-to-business sales managers to make accurate forecasts on cross-selling, churn risk and pricing analytics with one click.

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