Karlsruhe, 18.11.2021. Qymatix supports an exciting international research project: Three researchers from three different universities have joined forces for a joint research project: “Success in sales through the use of artificial intelligence (AI)”.

It is now well known that technologies such as AI can improve the sales process, for example, by helping salespeople do their jobs. Research shows that the pioneers of using AI in sales rave about the positive effects (e.g., more leads or cost reductions).

Nevertheless, the use of AI in sales is not yet as widespread as one would assume. The use of AI is bringing about significant changes. That is where the study comes in – what does it mean for sales and employees?

So, this research project has the following objectives:

– Investigate sales employees perceptions of AI.
– To uncover salespeople’s perceived benefits and doubts regarding AI.
– Develop effective strategies for the use of AI in sales.

To find out, the researchers will conduct interviews with salespeople to understand their perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) in sales.

Do you work in sales, and would you help?

The researchers are looking for salespeople to understand their perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) in sales.

To do this, they will conduct interviews. It is irrelevant whether or not the sales rep is currently using AI in their sales approach.

The interviews will be used for research purposes only and will be treated entirely anonymously. Interviews will be conducted virtually and will last approximately 30 minutes.

The researchers will also provide interviewees with study findings such as best practices for implementing AI in sales.

Interviews will take place starting in late November. You can arrange appointments individually. If interested, follow the link below and provide your name and contact details. The study leaders will contact you promptly to schedule an appointment.

Please use this link.

Who are the researchers?

Three researchers with practical and academic experience in marketing and sales from three different universities have joined forces for this project:

Dr. Melanie Bowen
is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Marketing at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.

Dr. Shinhye Kim
is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.

Dr. Xiaohan Wen
is an assistant professor at Ozyegin University in Turkey.


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